Patrick Mohr x K1X MK6 ‘Army Green’

Patrick Mohr x K1X MK6 ‘Army Green’
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Patrick Mohr x K1X MK6 ‘Army Green’
Style code : 5151-0106-3311
Color : Army Green
Release Date : 11/07/2015
Pics via Titolo, Afew
  • 11312874_1139989842683179_7620884720482649117_o
  • 886000_1139989849349845_7322788234571228923_o
  • 886000_1139989836016513_7217232462829237307_o
  • 10845797_1139989832683180_6231699600668815818_o
  • 11222615_949777625068299_1686439094591284746_o
  • 11222615_949777635068298_5062198295898921725_o
  • 11222615_949777631734965_4568420675738301689_o
  • 11222615_949777628401632_8222540273474646336_o
  • 11222615_949777621734966_2597424944372995833_o
  • 11267847_948422158537179_4017797283005664408_o
  • 11412001_948422161870512_2260523443545259218_o
  • 10608576_948422165203845_386321586988608970_o
  • 11119708_948422155203846_6565694856959910213_o

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July 15, 2015