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adidas Announces Plan to Sell and Donate Leftover Yeezy Inventory

adidas Announces Plan to Sell and Donate Leftover Yeezy Inventory
  • 15 May 2023
  • Posted By : Hatim

adidas has finally revealed its strategy for dealing with the $1.3 billion worth of Yeezy products left over after severing ties with Kanye West. CEO Bjorn Gulden announced that the company plans to sell portions of the stock and donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. This decision comes after months of speculation and deliberation regarding the fate of the unsold inventory, raising questions about sustainability and ethical concerns. Let's delve into the details and implications of this latest development.

Finding a Solution

After considering various alternatives, including direct donations to charitable organizations and destruction of the inventory, adidas concluded that selling the Yeezy products was the most viable option. Donating the sneakers directly was discarded due to concerns about the secondary market and the possibility of the shoes ending up in the wrong hands. Similarly, destroying the inventory raised environmental concerns. By opting for sales, adidas hopes to recover some of its losses while supporting causes that have been negatively impacted by Kanye West's controversial statements.

Beneficiaries of the Proceeds

adidas intends to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales to organizations that have been hurt by Kanye West's remarks, in addition to benefiting its own initiatives. The exact details of which organizations will receive the funds have yet to be disclosed. However, this approach demonstrates a commitment to addressing the fallout from West's controversial statements and taking steps towards healing the damage caused.

Navigating Financial Challenges

The fallout from Kanye West's remarks has posed significant financial challenges for adidas. The company recently announced that it would face its first operating loss in 31 years if it were to write off the entire Yeezy inventory. In addition to potential financial losses, adidas is currently facing a lawsuit from investors who claim the company withheld information about West's erratic behavior. Selling the remaining Yeezy stock could help mitigate some of the financial strain the company is experiencing, potentially reducing its projected $700 million loss for the year.

The Role of Kanye West

As part of the agreement between adidas and Kanye West, the artist will receive a 15 percent cut from each sneaker sold. Despite their business relationship coming to an end, the financial arrangement remains intact. This further underscores the complexities of the situation and highlights the ongoing influence of West on the Yeezy brand.

The Future of the Yeezy Line

While adidas has now confirmed its decision to sell the remaining Yeezy inventory, the specific details regarding the timeline and method of the sale are yet to be determined. Further updates are expected in the coming weeks, which will shed more light on the company's strategy moving forward. It will be interesting to see how adidas navigates this situation and adapts its approach to future collaborations and partnerships.


adidas' announcement regarding the sale and donation of its remaining Yeezy inventory represents a significant step in resolving the fallout from Kanye West's controversial statements. By choosing to sell the products rather than destroying them, adidas aims to recoup some losses while supporting charitable causes affected by West's remarks. As the company continues to face financial challenges and legal disputes, the sale of the Yeezy stock offers a potential path to recovery. Sneaker enthusiasts and industry observers eagerly await further updates on the implementation of adidas' plan, as it navigates this complex situation and shapes the future of the Yeezy line.