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Introducing the Air Max Pulse: Nike's Latest Addition to the Air Max Family on Air Max Day
23 March 2023

Introducing the Air Max Pulse: Nike's Latest Addition to the Air Max Family on Air Max Day

  • Posted By : Hatim
Nike has recently introduced the Air Max Pulse, the latest addition to its Air Max family. The Air Max Pulse combines modern design with the brand's iconic Air technology to deliver unmatched comfort and style.
It draws inspiration from the brutalist architecture and urban landscape of London and the vibrant music scene in the city. As part of the launch campaign, London musicians Nia Archives and Jeshi embody the spirit of the Air Max Pulse.

The Air Max Pulse utilizes the same Air unit as the Air Max 270, but with a targeted weight distribution for better rebound and responsiveness. This technology ensures that the shoe provides the wearer with maximum comfort throughout the day, making it ideal for both daytime and nighttime wear. Its durability is another feature that sets it apart from other sneakers on the market.

Air Max technology has been an essential part of sneaker culture since the launch of the first Air Max sneaker in 1987. The idea behind Air Max was to provide runners with a comfortable, cushioned shoe that would minimize the impact of running on the body.
Over the years, Nike has continued to evolve the Air Max technology, releasing new silhouettes based on the Air technology every year.

Nike has always been known for its storytelling, and the Air Max Pulse is no exception. The shoe takes inspiration from the brutalist architecture and urban landscape of London, a city that has played a significant role in the history of sneaker culture.

The Air Max Pulse features a sleek and bold silhouette, with contrasting textures and multiple Swoosh logos. The upper features reflective 3M accents, while the new Air Max branding appears on the tongue and insole.

In conclusion, Nike's Air Max Pulse is the latest addition to the Air Max family. Its combination of modern design and Air technology makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish shoe. The shoe is not just a new addition to the Nike collection; it is a tribute to the brand's commitment to evolving Air Max technology and its place in sneaker culture. The Air Max Pulse is a statement piece that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.
The first colorway drop for Air Max Day, men here, women here.

Impossible to buy Fear Of God Essentials in Europe
10 March 2023

Impossible to buy Fear Of God Essentials in Europe

  • Posted By : Hatim

Who is Fear Of God and what happened in European market

Fear of God is the well know American company by Jerry Lorenzo that launched a sub-brand called "Fear of God Essentials" in 2018. The brand's products are sold worldwide and can be found at select retailers such as SSENSE, Mr Porter UK and US or END UK and US. In addition to its online store, FOG also produces seasonal capsule collections with the help of co-designers such as Kanye West and Takashi Murakami.
In Europe, we have Kadine BV which owns the fashion brand 'Essentiel Antwerp', which has been active since 2011. Kadine BV brought a cease-and-desist action against FOG before the EU Trademark Court in Brussels for copyright infringement of their brand name 'Essential' due to similarities between both marks' shapes, colors and fonts used on packaging labels.

Why Fear Of God Essentials can't sell its products in Europe

The EU Trademark Court in Brussels found that FOG's distributor was selling goods with the "FOG" mark without permission, and ordered them to stop immediately. The court dismissed claims against FOG for lack of evidence. Following this decision, FOG launched a new collection of 'Essentials' clothing, but the court found that FOG's use of this sign was likely to cause confusion with Kadine's earlier trademark for 'F**K OFF GIRL', and ordered FOG to stop using the "ESSENTIALS" trademark for clothing items sold online. FOG appealed but the court upheld the injunction. FOG made some adjustments on its website but the court found them insufficient. A recent case clarified that a mere offer to sell goods on an online platform does not constitute infringement. Kadine produced correspondence showing that FOG controlled the sale of 'Essentials' clothing in the Benelux and EU. 
As a result, FOG has been prohibited from selling its products in Europe, which has had a major impact on the brand. 
After that, during a short period customers in Europe were able to purchase from resellers such as StockX and US official retailers like (PacSun or SSENSE...) but now you only have the US retailers, when trying to checkout on StockX you will be stopped.

Edit : UK retailers such as Mr PorterEND and Selfridges are selling FOG Essentials items but they won't ship to European customers.

Now you know why you can't find this so famous US brand in Europe.

Source: First instance decision here, appeal decision here (in Dutch).

An Essential Sneaker Glossary For Sneakerheads Everywhere
08 March 2023

An Essential Sneaker Glossary For Sneakerheads Everywhere

  • Posted By : Hatim
The sneaker market is a vast and dynamic industry, with a rich vocabulary that can be overwhelming for those new to the scene. Understanding the language of sneakerheads can help you navigate the market and make informed purchases. In this article, we'll explore the full glossary of the sneaker market, from common terms to niche jargon, along with some essential keywords for search engine optimization.

Why understanding these terms is important for navigating the market.

Understanding the language and terminology of the sneaker market is an essential skill for anyone looking to enter this exciting and lucrative industry. Whether you're buying or selling, knowing these terms can give you a significant advantage over those who are unfamiliar with them. By being able to communicate effectively with other buyers and sellers, you'll be better equipped to negotiate deals and make informed decisions about which sneakers to invest in. Additionally, understanding these terms will help you avoid scams and make sure that you're getting a fair price for your purchases. So if you want to succeed in the sneaker market, take the time to learn these important insider terms and concepts.

General terms

B-grade - A pair of sneakers with minor cosmetic flaws that are sold at a discounted price.

Beater - A pair of sneakers that are heavily worn or damaged, often used for everyday wear.

Camp out - The act of waiting outside a store or location for an extended period to ensure the chance to purchase a highly coveted sneaker release.

Collab - Short for collaboration, this term refers to a sneaker produced through a partnership between two brands or designers.

Cop - The act of purchasing a pair of sneakers.

Deadstock - Refers to a brand-new, unworn pair of sneakers that are no longer in production.

Deubré - A small metal or plastic tag that is attached to the laces of a sneaker, typically near the toe box. Deubrés are often used for branding purposes, and can feature a logo or other design.

Drop - The release of a new sneaker, often accompanied by hype and excitement.

Exclusive - A sneaker that is only available in limited quantities or at specific retailers.

Fake - A pair of sneakers that are not authentic or genuine.

First come first serve - A release method where sneakers are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Fire - A slang term used to describe a particularly desirable or popular sneaker model.

Friends and family - A sneaker release that is exclusive to the friends and family of a brand or designer.

FSR - An abbreviation that stands for "full size run." This term is commonly used by sneaker retailers to indicate that they have a particular style of shoe available in all sizes, from men's size 4 to men's size 13.

General release - A sneaker that is widely available and not limited in production or distribution.

Goat - An abbreviation that stands for "Greatest Of All Time." This term is often used to describe particularly sought-after or iconic sneaker models.

Grail - A term used to describe a particularly rare or coveted sneaker model. The "grail" sneaker is often considered the ultimate goal for collectors.

Hype - The excitement and anticipation surrounding a highly coveted sneaker release.

Hypebeast - A term used to describe someone who follows the latest trends in streetwear and sneakers, often at the expense of individual style.

Laceswap - The act of changing the shoelaces of a sneaker to customize its appearance.

Legit check - The process of authenticating a pair of sneakers to ensure that they are genuine.

Locklace - A type of shoelace that is designed to stay in place once tied. Locklaces are typically made of elastic material and feature a locking mechanism that keeps the lace from slipping or coming untied.

LPU - An abbreviation that stands for "Latest Pick Up." This term is often used on social media to indicate that someone has recently acquired a new pair of sneakers, and is sharing photos or information about the purchase.

On ice - A term used to describe a pair of sneakers that a reseller is holding onto, waiting for the right time to sell. Sneakers that are "on ice" are often in high demand and can command higher prices later on.

Plug - Slang term used to describe a source for limited-release sneakers. A "plug" can be a person or a website that provides early access to sneakers or insider information on upcoming releases.

Proxy - A network or server that allows a user to access a website or online service from a different location than their own. Proxies are often used by resellers to conceal their location and identity when purchasing limited-release sneakers.

Quickstrike - A sneaker release that is unexpected and often without prior announcement.

Raffle - A release method where sneakers are distributed through a random selection process. We have a detailed article about this topic here.

Restock - The act of a brand or retailer restocking a previously sold-out sneaker.

Rock - The act of wearing a pair of sneakers.

Sample - An early version or prototype of a sneaker model produced before the final release to the public. Samples are limited in quantity and highly sought after by collectors for their uniqueness and rarity.

Silhouette - The shape and design of a sneaker.

Slept on - A term used to describe a sneaker model that was initially overlooked or undervalued by collectors, but has since gained popularity and increased in value on the resale market. If a sneaker is "slept on," it means it was underestimated and is now considered a hidden gem by collectors.

Sneaker rotation - The selection of sneakers that a person regularly wears.

Sneaker trade - The act of trading sneakers with other collectors or enthusiasts.

Sneaker trend - A particular style or design that is popular in the sneaker market.

Sneaker verification - The process of authenticating a pair of sneakers to ensure that they are genuine.

Sneakerhead - Someone who is passionate about sneakers and collects them as a hobby.

Sneaker culture - The subculture that has developed around the sneaker market, including collectors, enthusiasts, and designers.

Sole swap - The act of replacing the sole of a sneaker to customize its appearance or improve its performance.

Take an L - The act of losing out on the chance to purchase a highly coveted sneaker release.

Tier zero - A limited edition sneaker release that is only available at select retailers.

UNDS - Short for "unbox and wear," this term refers to the act of unboxing a brand-new pair of sneakers and immediately wearing them. It comes from DS “deadstock, meaning a perso having a pair and keeping it unworn.

Vintage - A term used to describe older, often rare or collectible, sneakers.

Brand related terms

Bred - Refers to a sneaker model that features the classic black and red colorway that was first introduced by the original Air Jordan sneakers in 1985. This iconic color combination has become synonymous with the Air Jordan brand and is a highly sought-after design among sneaker collectors.

HS - "Hyperstrike" is a term used to describe sneakers that are even rarer than QS models and may only be available at Nike.

NRG - It's term that stands for "Energy," and Nike typically reserves this designation for particularly noteworthy, hype-worthy projects, such as the Air Yeezy 2 and Union x Air Jordan 1.

PRM - "Premium" is an acronym that Nike uses to describe sneakers that are a level above GRs due to their use of high-quality materials and intricate design details.

SP - "Special Project" is an abbreviation commonly used by Nike to indicate that a sneaker is constructed from premium materials, created by the NikeLab team, or the result of a collaboration.

QS - Stands for "Quickstrike," and if a Swoosh sneaker incorporates QS into its name, it means that it was or will be released in limited quantities. As a result, sneakerheads must act quickly if they want to get their hands on a pair of QS kicks.

Reseller terms

Cooked: A term used to describe a successful purchase of a limited-release sneaker. If a reseller has "cooked" a pair of sneakers, it means they were able to purchase them successfully and can now sell them for a profit.

Backdoor - The act of obtaining a pair of sneakers through unofficial channels, such as insider connections or special favors.

BIN: "Buy It Now" refers to a fixed price set by a seller for their sneakers. It typically indicates that the price is non-negotiable and there is no room for haggling.

Bot: A software program that automates the process of purchasing sneakers online. Bots are often used by resellers to quickly buy up limited-release sneakers before they sell out.

Brick - A pair of sneakers that are difficult to sell and often sit on shelves for an extended period, or the act of buying a sneaker that ultimately fails to hold its value or sell for a profit.

Resell - The act of buying a sneaker with the intent to sell it for a profit.

Sitting: A term used to describe a pair of sneakers that are still available for purchase, even after the release date has passed. Sneakers that are "sitting" may not be in high demand and may not sell for as high of a price on the resale market.

WTB: If you're a collector or a hypebeast in search of a particular pair of sneakers, you might come across the acronym "WTB," which stands for "Want To Buy." This abbreviation is commonly used in buying and selling groups.

WTS: When someone wants to sell a pair of sneakers, they may use the abbreviation "WTS," which stands for "Want To Sell." This acronym is frequently used in the resale market.

WTT: "Want To Trade," abbreviated as "WTT," is a term that you may encounter several times in sneaker forums. The person may also provide a list of sneakers they're willing to accept as part of a trade.

Now that you have a better understanding of the language of the sneaker market, you can confidently navigate the market and engage with other collectors and enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to build your collection, stay on top of trends, or just appreciate the artistry of sneaker design, this glossary will help you speak the language of the community.

Review of the Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Craft - Detailed & on feet look
06 March 2023

Review of the Air Jordan 4 Retro SE Craft - Detailed & on feet look

  • Posted By : Charly
Jordan continues its series of 'Craft' sneaker releases that reinterpret iconic Jordan silhouettes in a handcrafted way, bringing together the old and the new to create ever new designs.
Taking a familiar base and twisting it is a formula that works well for Nike and Jordan.
It's easy to think of the Off-White x Nike 'The Ten' collection, which put 10 classic sneakers into Virgil Abloh's magic design box.

Regarding this Jordan Craft series, it started in December 2021 with the Air Jordan 1 High OG 'Craft' and then continued in 2022 and 2023 with 3 packs of Jordan Mid and Low 'Inside Out'.
Reversing materials, updating textures and revisiting construction, the design process is broadly the same delivering a silhouette that is both recognizable but never seen.

This Air Jordan 4 Retro was quite anticipated by fans since the first leaks. Jordan brand has clearly increased the scarcity both on the Air Jordan 4 releases but also on the quantities available at retailers.
The value on secondary markets has mechanically increased and so has the perceived value by fans.

This special edition presents us with a handcrafted interpretation of Tinker Hatfield's 1989 design. A new colorway with a gray upper and beige and yellow details for a perfect contrast.
At first glance, the pair exudes that 'handmade' feel with unusual textures and added stitching.
On the side, an embossed leather replaces the famous plastic strap bringing a luxury touch to the basketball pair.

Soft suede on the upper and additional stitching lines on the front and side of the upper complete the artisanal touch.
The lining has not been forgotten with an update of material to make it softer and brushed.
Combined with a square patch next to it, it becomes easier to put on the pair for daily use.

The Air Jordan 4 Retro SE 'Craft' is a very successful release and faithful to its basic concept.
A quality superior to the usual Air Jordan 4 and a slightly better comfort. The price was higher like most special editions since the retail was 219.99€ against 199.99€ for the 'normal' editions.

The pair was released on February 11, 2023 in Men's and GS sizes and was sold out immediately.
You can still get a pair on the secondary market via our release page.

Enjoy our exclusive photos & video of the Air Jordan 4 Retro SE 'Craft' below if you are still not convinced.

Detailed and on feet look of the Nike Dunk Low Midnight Navy
25 February 2023

Detailed and on feet look of the Nike Dunk Low Midnight Navy

  • Posted By : Charly
You may have thought Nike would slow down on Dunk releases in 2023. Well it looks like that time hasn't arrived yet.
On the contrary, we're even seeing more GR releases lately (and less limited Dunk) offering accessibility and availability to the masses.

This colorway illustrates this well with a color code that obviously reminds us of the Air Jordan 1 CO.JP "Midnight Navy" that made its return in 2020.
Nevertheless, we know the taste of Nike to make small twists between an inspiration and a new creation.

Thus the pair presents a white upper aged tumbled leather with navy inserts. The grey swoosh plays on the materials by adopting suede against a metal swoosh on the AJ1 of 2020. 
The Nike branding has also been twisted, on the tongue and on the heel, with a Nike logo in an unexpected college style font.
So a simple pair that stands out with touches of originality, volunteered by the brand. 

Regarding the quality, the leather is not incredible on such a GR but the finishes are clean on my pair.
For the sizing, they fit True to Size as most Nike Dunks nowadays.

The Nike Dunk Low 'Midnight Navy' dropped at Nike retailers on January 31st.
Not too late to grab a pair online. Check our full release page with all direct shop links & availability updated.

Detailed and on feet look of Air Jordan 1 High 85 Black White
07 February 2023

Detailed and on feet look of Air Jordan 1 High 85 Black White

  • Posted By : Charly
Highly anticipated release this month, the Air Jordan 1 High '85 'Black White' was released in advance in Shock drop during a live on SNKRS app on February 1st.
If you follow us on twitter you surely have them the notification. Unfortunately, there were a lot of access problems apparently, the pair did not appear for all accounts and despite feedback from the community, we have not been able to identify why. Hopefully this will be fixed for the next time.

If you're not familiar with this model, the Air Jordan 1 High '85 takes us back in time to the closest shape to the original model of the very first Jordan.
Jordan Brand brought this OG version to the forefront in 2020 with the Varsity Red Black, which featured the Banned colorway of the NBA-banned Nike Air Ship in 1984.
Then the Jordan New Beginnings Pack very limited which includes a High 85 and an Air Ship white and red.
Since the releases of this model can be counted on the fingers of one hand since only the colors 'Neutral Grey' and 'Georgetown' were born in 2021 and 2022 respectively.

The Air Jordan 1 High '85 differs from the usual High OG in several ways: higher collar, a wider toe box, a larger swoosh. The label on the tongue is different with the logo ® of 'Registered' and the white Midsole has a much more granulated look. The pair also includes a premium hangtag that details all the features of the pair. Overall, the pair features a more rectangular and much less curved shape than its successor.
The pair fits true to size, so we recommend you to grab your regular Jordan/Nike size. In terms of comfort, the feel on the ankle can be a little different but the comfort is really similar to the High OG which is quite good for a lifestyle use.

Jordan Brand has chosen for this new year the Black White colorway which remains quite rare in Jordan Retro releases. Should be call these 'Panda' like the famous Dunk of the same colorway ?
A simple and effective color blocking as we like with a white leather base and black leather overlays too. A choice that will delight all fans of the silhouette and Jordans in general.

As a reminder, the last Black White colorway of the Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG dates back to November 2014 (555088-010) and is trading between around €700 and €1700 on Stockx.

The release date of the Air Jordan 1 High '85 'Black White' is already confirmed in the US on February 15th.
A little suspense in Europe but it should be same.
Stay tuned on our dedicated release page.

Check the detailed and on feet pictures & video below.

adidas Basketball 2023 Collection Chapter 02
17 February 2023

adidas Basketball 2023 Collection Chapter 02

  • Posted By : Hatim

Adidas Basketball has recently released its 2023 collection of basketball sneakers, apparel, and accessories. The collection is a tribute to the roots of basketball and the players' love for the game. The "Chapter 02" collection follows the same theme as its "Remember the Why" campaign. The collection is designed to bring back memories of the time when hoopers fell in love with the sport and rediscovered the motivation that inspired them at the beginning.


The 2023 Collection is a manifestation of adidas Basketball's commitment to serving the modern athlete while also drawing from the essential classic styles. It features versatile pieces that concentrate on form, function, and color. The new line includes an array of tonal hoodies, tops, shorts, and pants, as well as matching Forum and Rivalry sneakers. The capsule is all about simplicity, and it exudes an authentic basketball vibe.

Adidas Basketball has always been about two things: a love of hoops and the belief that basketball can take players anywhere. The brand has come a long way since the 1960s, where it all began, to the technological leaps of the 2000s and beyond. The journey that created the 2023 Collection has been built on decades of innovation and cultural breakthroughs.


Adidas Basketball is famous for amplifying essential features in lieu of excess, and this essence of the brand shines through in the latest collection more than ever. The new line focuses on the essential elements of design and offers a simplicity that preserves the basketball attitude in every occasion.


The Adidas Basketball 2023 collection offers a wide range of items for players and enthusiasts to choose from. It is an assortment of pieces that feature the brand's latest technology, from breathable fabrics to durable soles that guarantee maximum support and traction. It features a range of tops, shorts, and pants. These pieces are available in Cloud White, Halo Green, Dark Oatmeal,  and metal grey and are made with breathable and durable fabrics that guarantee comfort and longevity. The hoodies and sweatshirts in the collection feature the brand's iconic logo this time on the back, while the shorts and pants are designed to provide flexibility and movement. These items can be worn as a set or mixed and matched with other pieces in the collection for a unique and personalized look.

The collection offers the perfect blend of style and simplicity, and it is a testament to Adidas Basketball's commitment to creating high-quality products that meet the needs of players and enthusiasts alike.

The adidas Basketball 2023 Collection is now available online at selected retailers in Europe including AsphaltgoldBSTN EUFootdistrict & also in the US at Snipes USDTLRJD Sports & Finishline.

Detailed and On feet look of the Nike Dunk Low Reverse Panda Neon
22 January 2023

Detailed and On feet look of the Nike Dunk Low Reverse Panda Neon

  • Posted By : Charly
Is the hype over the Nike Dunk Low finally starting to wane after a focus of over 2 years ?
Not so sure, recent releases like the Women's Nike Dunk Low 'Gold Swoosh' or the Nike Dunk Low 'Year of the Rabbit' show us that the 1985 silhouette is still of great interest to the sneaker community.

However, not all colorways are unanimous, such is the case with this Nike Dunk Low 'Reverse Panda Neon'.

We no longer present the Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' and its endless restocks. Despite this, the demand remains very high to this day, and it remains one of the best-selling pairs on secondary markets.
Effective Black and White color blocking combined with the iconic low top Basketball silhouette has made it a beater for many sneaker fans.

Nike has a history of releasing 'Reverse' colorways, creating a new pair by simply reversing the color position.
The Nike Dunk Low 'Reverse Panda Neon' fits into this process by twisting the end result even more.

This edition features a Black Grain leather base (not the case on the Panda) with 'Photon Dust' overlays that give us a very light grey to the visual (replacing the usual white of the Panda).
Not enough twists for Nike, touches of Volt come to contrast the pair on the lacetips but also on the Nike branding on the tongue, insole and heel.
A colorway that takes more risks than a simple Nike Dunk Low Panda while keeping a sober and easy to wear look.

Note that this color scheme is not new to Nike since the Black/Grey/Volt combo recalls the many 'DJ Clark Kent' releases like the Nike SB Dunk Low from 2013.

Quality on this pair seems a little better than other recent releases.
They fit True to size like most Nike Dunk Low & they come with the same standard comfort.
The Nike Dunk Low 'Reverse Panda Neon' is now available online in Europe & on Marketplaces.
Our full release page is live. Stay tuned with us for more upcoming drops.
Check the On-Feet look below if you are still undecided.

The Best Sneakers of 2022 Top 10 by More Sneakers
31 December 2022

The Best Sneakers of 2022 Top 10 by More Sneakers

  • Posted By : Charly
The year 2022 has, once again, flooded the sneaker market with a countless number of releases.
A Top 10 is still a difficult selection to make and is never unanimous.
The goal here is not to share the 10 most hype pairs of the year, nor the most expensive pairs for resale.
We share with you our unranked selection according to our tastes here at More Sneakers on pairs that remained accessible this year.

1 - Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found 'Chicago'

Unsurprisingly, this Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found 'Chicago' makes it into this year's top 10.
The releases of this coveted silhouette have been numerous again this year but with much less hype than usual.
This OG colorway version, aged with over 37 years of heritage, comes with a solid storytelling and great detailing, from the box to the vintage receipt.
This is a must have for any Jordan collector without hesitation.
However, I reiterate my preference for the 2015 release which, while a bit forgotten, remains one of my favorite pairs in my collection.

2- Nike Dunk Low Jackie Robinson

A dunk that clearly stands out for me this year and even compared to previous years.
Crazy details on the whole pair: Mini swoosh on the front, quotes all-over, logo on the tongue and so on.
A tribute to Jackie Robinson, an emblematic figure and civil rights activist.
The only regret as often with this kind of release, it was a US release only.
No choice but to go through the secondary market.

3 - Air Jordan 4 Retro 'Military Black'

The Air Jordan Black and White are actually rare in the Jumpman collection, both in OG and non-OG colorways.
I wasn't expecting so much from this release at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by this Military Blue cover.
An easy to wear pair and more comfortable than the other Air Jordan 4's released recently.
That’s a no brainer.

4 - Air Jordan 1 Retro High 85 'Georgetown'

I've always been a big fan of the Georgetown University Hoyas colorway.
Who doesn't know their famous Jack the Bulldog mascot that used to appear on some of our t-shirts in the 90s?
I was not lucky at all on the Air Jordan 1 Retro High 85 releases. I bought this Air Jordan 1 Retro High 85 'Georgetown' on resale shortly after the release, not too expensive.
It remains one of the best Air Jordan 1 High of the year for me.

5 - Nike Air Max 1 SP Concepts ‘Far Out’

Certainly the most colorful of the 3, this colorway is part of a pack of 3 Nike Air Max 1 released in collaboration with the NYC store Concepts.
Once again a release reserved for our American friends with a Special box version and a Regular Box version.
I personally copped the other 2 pairs of the pack, this one remains on my aftermarket wishlist.
I am a big fan of the work done on this collaboration: daring choices, a sharp research on materials and their arrangement on the silhouette as well as the variety on the 3 releases.
The 'Far Out' version with its flashy colors, Paisley patterns and original designs remains one of the best AM1 of this year.

6 - A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 4 Retro

Jordan Brand has clearly increased the rarity of the Jordan 4 in recent years. This has increased the hype and demand from the fans.
This A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 4 'Violet Ore' is no exception. Highly anticipated after a great AJ3 & AJ1 in 2021, the collaboration continued earlier this year with the 35th anniversary of the Air Jordan 2.
This Jordan 4 was one of the most anticipated releases of the year.
Once again very successful, the pair has the usual A ma maniere color code with a Dark Violet tone with cream accents.
James Whitner elevated the classic model with luxe uppers, quilted liners & always a positive message for the community.
Definitely a must cop for all Jordan fans this year.
Small downside though, the quality control seems to be quite random according to our customer feedback

7 - Patta x Nike Air Max 1 Waves 'White'

I announced it on twitter as soon as I got the pair in hands, this collaboration between Patta and Nike on the concept 'the Wave' is clearly one of the most successful and especially on this white colorway.
The history between Patta and Nike is not new, but the way they managed to revisit (again) the Air Max 1 without overloading it, is remarkable.
This colorway surprises us with a perfect contrast between a white and a silver gray on a beige sole, a very good quality and beautiful details.

8 - New Balance 990v3 MADE in USA 'Sea Salt' 

I had to pick up at least one New Balance for that Top 10 this year.
I do like the 2002R & the 550 but I can't really think of one colorway that stood out this year except for the 1st Protection Pack drop but that's in late 2021.
With Teddy Santis as Creative Director of New Balance's Made in USA line, we saw a series of elevated craft and premium materials.
The 990 V3 has clearly been a focus of the Boston brand this year with numerous releases and collaborations.
The JJJJound 'Olive' remains my favorite this year but the collaborations with the Montreal based label are usually very hard to catch on the European side.
The New Balance 990v3 MADE in USA 'Sea Salt' echoes the AM1 Patta with a white, cream and silver palette.
This release however differs from most 990V3's with the use of a white leather replacing the sneaker's usual suede.
We add to that excellent comfort and beautiful finishes.
The retail price may make you hesitate, but remember that the pair is made in the US. Quality has a price, even more in 2022.


9 - Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG SP 'Reverse Mocha'

After the success of the Fragment Design x Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low OG, many of us were waiting for the next colorways.
Personally less fan of lows in general, I ended up appreciating more and more this low version with the big reverse swoosh.
The Air Max 1 pack released during the year has finally not made so much noise.
Their postponed release dates and the tragic events related to Travis are surely for something.
This reverse Mocha has in any case relaunched the machine with a mixture of Mocha, Cream and hits of red embroidery all around the shoes.
No luck for me on SNKRS again for these. I could pay resell I guess if I sell a few pairs of my collection.

10 - Louis Vuitton LV Trainer 'White Black Denim'

We talk a lot about the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 and very little about this silhouette designed by the great Virgil Abloh himself.
So yes it's a luxury pair, with a retail price close to 1000€ but the LV quality is there.
The pair, handmade in Italy, has literally no flaws and the quality of the leather is +++.
Beyond the price, I'm still a big fan of the fusion Virgil managed to do on this silhouette :
we feel a basketball touch with a shape close to an Air Jordan 3, then a skateboard vibe with this thick tongue, all in respect of the luxury codes.
A black and white 'Panda' colorway is applied with a mix of materials well distributed on the inserts of the pair and here is the result.
The pair was still quite difficult to get in 2022, often on the waiting list with an LV seller.
Nevertheless, it has been restocked at the end of the year and is expected to be released in a 2.0 version in the next collection.

The year 2023 is already announcing a lot of interesting releases and positions from the brands that we are all waiting for.
Stay tuned with us for the next episodes next year.
Thanks to everyone from the community for your support.

Inflation in the sneaker industry in 2022 how the prices of our favorites sneakers are affected ?
29 December 2022

Inflation in the sneaker industry in 2022 how the prices of our favorites sneakers are affected ?

  • Posted By : Charly
At a time where we talk about economic crisis, inflation and potential recession, the sneaker market is no exception.
When money loses its value, prices go up. This is a known economic mechanism of our capitalist era, but this is never pleasant from a consumer point of view.

This year, we have seen the price of the most iconic sneakers slowly but surely increase.
But how much have our favorite sneakers gone up ? Has the inflation affected the global sneaker market or just certain continents ?

To answer these questions, we will simply use the sneaker data from our website and go back in time to find a price difference.
Since some limited or special releases can have a punctually high prices (due to materials, accessories, etc.), we will focus on general releases.
We will also select silhouettes with a high number of releases in the last 2 years that have had a consistent demand.

Price evolution of the Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 'Triple White'

Let's start with a timeless classic the Nike Air Force 1 Low 07 'Triple White' (Men's pair).

There is a +20 for all 3 currencies Euro, Dollars and Pounds since 2020.
The price increase is not limited to this colorway but affects all Nike Air Force 1 releases.
Personally, I always had in mind the price of 100€ for an Air Force 1 'non limited', the cursor is now moved to 120€.

Price evolution of the Air Jordan 1 Mid

The Air Jordan 1 Mid and its promotion by Jordan brand for several years now is our second usecase.
To highlight the price increase this time, we compared the Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Bred' (2020) vs Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Lakers' (2022).

We see an increase of 10€ in Europe, 10$ in the USA and 20£ for our friends in the UK.
This change has not been sudden for this silhouette as numerous limited releases and collaborations have dropped into the market with higher prices increasing the perceived value of the model over time.

Price evolution of the Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG

The coveted silhouette of collectors, resellers and Michael Jordan fans, the Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG shows an inflation from 6 to 18%.
Between the famous 'Mocha' of 2020 and the 'Gorge Green' released this month, we notice an increase of 10$ for the US (5,8%), 20€ for Europe (12,5%) and almost 25£ in the UK (17,8%).

I remember rumors at the beginning of this year (around March) saying that the new retail price of the Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG should go from 170$ to 180$ in the US during the holiday season.
Just before that, the price in Europe pumped from 160€ to 170€ (£140 to 155£ in the UK) in January 2022 catching up the US a little late. The 2 first releases at that price being the 'Atmosphere' and the 'Dark Marina Blue'.
Finally, the price took its current level (180$/180$/165£) earlier than expected this summer with the Air Jordan 1 High Retro OG 'Taxi'.
In the end, that's a double inflation in one year for EU & the UK.

With Nike still the undisputed leader in 2022 of the sneaker market, inflation is not just for the Swoosh brand.

Price evolution of the adidas Originals Stan Smith

To complete this study, we looked at one of the timeless pairs at adidas: the adidas Stan Smith 'White Green'.

This time around, there's a $20 increase in the US, €15 in Europe, and £10 in the UK.
In the US, the price has increased from $80 to $85 between 2020 and 2021 and jumped to $100 in 2022.
This increase also affects several models of the 3 stripes brand in a difficult context where Kanye West is out of the equation and where the collaboration with Balenciaga was paused following the scandal of their last advertising campaign.

Price evolution of the New Balance 550

Finally, let's take a look at New Balance which has returned to the center of the sneaker market in recent years.
The New Balance 550 with its retro minimalist look, basketball and lifestyle at the same time, is one of the big successes of this year.
Comparing the prices of the New Balance 550 'White Black' (2021) with the New Balance 550 'Marquette' released last November, we see that the American market is resisting for the Boston-based brand since the price remained at $109.99 in the US.

On the other hand, there is a clear increase in Europe (+30€) and in the UK (+30£), which gives us a progression of +25% (EU) to 30% (UK).

The rise in prices affects of course other popular models : Nike DunkNike Air Max 1adidas Ultra Boost, etc. Clothing is also affected with The North Face Nuptse Jackets for example which jumped from 250 to 330€ in a few years.

To conclude, the inflation is real and particularly hard this year. I think we all know that already, but looking at the numbers with a little perspective brings it back to the reality of the market. It’s hard for the pocket money and I guess we all spend more wisely now.

It is still a little early to see the impact of this inflation on the sneaker market.
Nevertheless, we can see a more limited anguish on the part of consumers, less releases that are no longer sold out in 5 minutes and a higher number of products that last until the sale periods.

Buying your pair of sneakers at the best time and at the best price is exactly the service we try to deliver here for almost 10 years now.
Feel free to check out our new 'About to drop' pages: Coming soonJust dropped & Raffles.
These 100% customized web pages are here to aggregate a maximum of data in one place and simplify your daily sneaker life.

As for the prices, we'll keep a close eye on it all in 2023.
Air Jordan 2 Retro Chicago 2022 review and on feet look
25 December 2022

Air Jordan 2 Retro Chicago 2022 review and on feet look

  • Posted By : Charly
Opinions have always been divided on the Air Jordan 2 silhouette in the sneaker community for a long time.
Celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2022, Jordan Brand tried to bring hype again on the second Jordan signature shoe with collaboration such as Off-WhiteJ BalvinA Ma ManiereMaison Château Rouge, and Union LA.
Closing this year, the Air Jordan 2 returns in the OG 'Chicago' colorway.

Originally released in 1986, Nike wanted to do something different after the huge success of the Air Jordan 1 High.
Inspired by dress shoes, the Air Jordan 2 was designed by Peter Moore and Bruce Kilgore with the ambition to go beyond the basketball court.

This 2022 re-edition stays close to the original including
- Premium leather (Made in Italy back in the days)
- Faux lizard skin
- Sleek lines
- No swoosh
- OG Box design with the Air Jordan Wings logo on the top

The box also includes a booklet which describes the Nike-Air technology and all the strong points of the shoe.
About the sizing, it's true to size, so we recommend to get your regular Jordan/Nike size.
Quality is pretty much on point on these, and the comfort is quite good for a Jordan retro.

Already marked history in 1987, the Air Jordan 2 Retro 'Chicago' were on Michael Jordan's feet when he won the NBA All Star Dunk Contest that year.
If you are a fan of MJ, especially of the colorways he actually wore during his career, then this release will be a no brainer.

The Air Jordan 2 Retro 'Chicago' is set to drop on Friday December, 30th at a retail price of €199.99/£179.95/$200
It will also be available for the full family including Women's & Kids sizes.

Official Jordan Retro Collection: Spring 2023
23 December 2022

Official Jordan Retro Collection: Spring 2023

  • Posted By : Hatim
Jordan brand is ready for 2023 !

First unveiled during a SNKRS Live, now through the official Nike Newsroom, we got a beautiful rotation of Air Jordan retros for the next Spring.
The silhouettes are confirmed for 2023 but we don't exactly know the EU/US dates so we prefere not to give you false hope.

Check out the photos below, and, as you understood, these Air Jordan Retros start releasing begining of January 2023 at select retailers and Nike stores worldwide.

Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1 High 85 'Black White'
Color: Black/Summit White
Style Code: BQ4422-001

Air Jordan 1 High OG 'True Blue'
Colorway: True Blue/White-Cement Grey
Style Code: DZ5485-410

Women's Air Jordan 1 High OG 'Reverse Laney'
Colorway: Game Royal/Varsity Maize/Sail-Black-Fire Red
Style Code: FD2596-700

Air Jordan 1 High OG 'White Cement'
Colorway: Tech Grey/Muslin-Black-White
Style Code: DZ5485-052

Jordan 2

Air Jordan 2 'Lucky Green'
Colorway: White/Lucky Green-Sail-Light Steel Grey
Style Code: DR8884-103

Women's Air Jordan 2 'Craft'
Colorway: Sail/Desert-Sunset Haze-Muslin-Light Steel Grey
Style Code: DX4400-118

Jordan 3

Air Jordan 3 'White Cement Reimagined'
Colorway: Summit White/Fire Red-Black-Cement Grey
Style Code: DN3707-100

Jordan 4

Women's Air Jordan 4 'Seafoam'
Colorway: White/Seafoam-Dark Ash-Neutral Grey
Style Code: AQ9129-103

Air Jordan 4 SE Craft 'Photon Dust'
Colorway: Photon Dust/Pale Vanilla
Style Code: DV3742-021

Jordan 5

Women's Air Jordan 5 'Dunk On Mars'
Colorway: Martian Sunrise/Black-Fire Red-Muslin-Bright Mandarin
Style Code: DD9336-800

Air Jordan 5 'UNC'
Colorway: University Blue/Black-White
Style Code: DV1310-401

Air Jordan 5 'Aqua'
Colorway: Black/Aquatone-Taxi
Style Code: DD0587-047

Jordan 6

Air Jordan 6 'Cool Grey'
Colorway: White/Medium Grey-Cool Grey
Style Code: CT8529-100

Jordan 9

Air Jordan 9 'Light Olive'
Colorway: Black/Bright Concord-Light Olive-Aquatone
Style Code: CT8019-034

Jordan 13

Air Jordan 13 'Playoffs'
Color: Black/True Red-White
Style Code: 414571-062

Jordan 14

Women's Air Jordan 14 Low 'Metallic Silver'
Colorway: Metallic Silver/Fire Red-Wolf Grey-Black
Style Code: DH4121-060
A spirit of 90’s hip-hop - Patta x Tommy Collection
28 November 2022

A spirit of 90’s hip-hop - Patta x Tommy Collection

  • Posted By : Hatim

Patta and Tommy just dropped the lookbook of their second capsule collection. Taking us back to the spirit of '90s Hip Hop, Patta x Tommy collaboration is briging both their streetwear heritage mixed with the NY influence. Everyone will find their classic styles they use to wear back in the days with all these graphics and logos. The capsule will contain 18 gender-inclusive styles that capture a modern streetwear take on New York’s 90s hip hop.

Patta x Tommy collection will be available on Friday, December 2nd on and at Patta Chapter stores.
A wider release at selected global retailers on December 9th including shops like Asphaltgold ans BSTN (Europe & US)

Selected pictures from the official lookbook are below, visit the officiate site for all details here.

Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1 White on feet look
07 December 2022

Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1 White on feet look

  • Posted By : Charly
When it comes to sneakers collaboration, we generally see 2 different design scenarios.
The brand wants to introduce a new silhouette on the market and uses the collaboration to mark the occasion.
The second case is about revisiting an iconic classic style to keep or bring the hype again on it.

With its latest partnership on the Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1 'White', the famous Italian retailer chose the second path.
This scenario might seem easier at first but it's not.
It's hard to make a classic, it's even harder to revisit one.
Especially since collaborations became a huge marketing trend, we all saw that this is not anymore a sufficient condition for them to sell out well.

Slam Jam & Nike did a perfect job on this release with a lot of cool details which stay true to the store's history & vision.
This is not just another colorway applied to your usual AF1 silhouette.
A premium leather upper with suede detailing on the quarters in a summit white color is a perfect execution of the 'so different, so similar' concept.
My favorite update on the Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1 is from far the perforated toe box with the Slam Jam logo stamped.
The pair also includes extra eyelets of different forms and an original double lacing system.
The upside down "Nike Air" Logo at the back reminds me of their previous Nike Blazer collaboration with the reverse swoosh on the side.
These materials and the classic air cushioning make it more comfortable than regular Air Force 1 releases.
Finally, the box is fully customized inspired once again by that Milan to NYC vibes that Slam Jam’s founder Luca Benini experienced in the mid-1980s.

In terms of sizing, the Nike Air Force 1 sometimes tends to size a little big.
On this one, it did not feel that way at all so I would recommend to go true to size.

The collaboration includes another 'Black' colorway which will be available in early January.
The raffle for the 'White' ones is now open and closing soon.
Shipping will be available worldwide.
All releases details & links are live in our release page.
If you missed our unboxing, check this article.
Waiting for that W, enjoy our on feet look with more pictures below.

Drake NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 Certified Lover Boy
06 December 2022

Drake NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 Certified Lover Boy

  • Posted By : Hatim

Drake dropped “Certified Lover Boy” album over a year ago and since that day everyone is waiting for the Air Force 1. But no sign of them during the whole year.
We only got the Nocta x Nike Hot Step Air Terra and one tease of the AF1 by the artist.
We heard about manufacturing issues on the “Love you forever” and the hearts but we don’t really know why it took so long, all the fans are dying waiting for these !
Anyway, here we are now with a confirmed date for this end of 2022.

At first sight, we just look at a standard Air Force 1 Triple White but in hand we actually notice some differences.
This is the strength of Nike when it comes to collaborate, they can take a simple and well known silhouette and make it special for the occasion. It can be obvious but also very subtle.
Talking about subtle things, the outsole around the heel and toe are usually stars and for this edition we have hearts. Nice touch isn’t it ?
Another detail we all saw when the first images leaked, the midsole. We usually have AIR written over there but this time we have “Love you forever” in a script font.
The “AIR” can be found inside the midsole though.

The main difference we notice at the upper of the shoe compared to the classic triple white is the texture.
Here we have a high quality tumbled leather. Everyone can notice the grain is more visible than on the classic AF1 and still very soft especially on the toe.
Inside the shoe you have white premium leather on the sock liner instead of standard mesh and the insole is in Cobalt Tint with Nocta and Nike logos.
For the laces we have two dubraes: the first one is at the bottom as a metal lock lace which is always good looking especially on white colorway.
The second one is a pack of bids in Cobalt Tint (written 0 to 9 and A to Z). If you want to use them be aware that there are no duplicates.
Last detail for the shoe would be the flat white laces with screw on metal aglets. A clean premium signature we all love.
On the heel we got the Nocta logo at the left pair and Nike Air logo at the right pair.

They will release in a special box in Cobalt Tint with “Love You Forever” written in gold and “In association with Nocta” under. Inside you see find the Nike Swoosh / Nocta logo paper.

The release page is up here with selected stockists releasing them online, make sure to follow us on Twitter in case of shock drops.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Varsity Red review and on feet look
06 December 2022

Air Jordan 11 Retro Varsity Red review and on feet look

  • Posted By : Charly
Is this Varsity Red and White colorway an Air Jordan 11 OG colorway ? Not at all !
Actually we only got this colorway in 2001 in the Low version and then in 2016 again Low version in Grade School sizing.

This year we are getting as the regular and always anticipated Jordan 11 holiday release, the Air Jordan 11 'Cherry' in High version.
This release is known to be sold every year in a very high volume around the world and super fast. Let's see if it will be the same this year. We already saw the Jordan 6 sitting last week...
This Varsity Red color is was called Cherry since the first leaks because of the patent leather used which make it look different from other silhouette (on the Jordan 1 High for example).

Let's review this gem !
The box is the classic OG black one (top) and grey (bottom) with the common shoebox label.

The colorblocking looks just simple & efficient. It's like a Bright Cherry Red thanks to the shiny patent leather used.
Then the second part is the full white ballistic mesh, as you know it's one of the main material used on the Air Jordan 11 style.
The white mesh contrast the red leather very nicely, one of the best color association in the sneaker game.

Next you have the stitches and stripes on top of the ballistic mesh to hold the laces, another classic part of the Air Jordan 11 we all love.
The Tongues also gets ballistic mesh with the iconic Jordan patch.

On top we have a bright red sock liner, the color is close to the varsity red but it's slightly different. It might annoy some fans but it's still looks good to me as I know it's a bit hard to match these two materials.
Inside we have a red insole with a white jumpman.

The jordan plastic tree we get every year is not at the rendez-vous. The plastic make always you feel like this is a special edition for holidays but unfortunately not this time.
We just got paper, if it's better for the environment then let it be.

Like on every Air Jordan 11, we find the embroided jumpman in red at the lateral side.
On the top of the heel, the common 23 logo is printed (and not stitched).
Then at the bottom we have a white phylon midsole with icy blue translucent outsole.
Still a performance style, it includes red rubber traction pods (heel and forefoot) with carbon fiber under the shoe with a white jumpman logo.

This holiday release is usually not hard to grab so make sure you know your size.
For most of the people they are true to size but If you have doubts just check and try one instore even if it's the Low top version.
The Air Jordan 11 Cherry aka 'Varsity Red' is set to launch worldwide on the December 10th 2022 for the full family.
Make sure to regularly check our dedicated release page and follow us on twitter for real-time availability notification.

Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1 White - Release details
05 December 2022

Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1 White - Release details

  • Posted By : Hatim

An ode to the force attitude

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic Air Force 1, Slam Jam decided to add history to this silhouette already full of stories.

This sneaker brings us back to the mid-1980s when the Luca Benini (Founder of Slam Jam) went to New York City where he directly felt the connection between Milan and NYC. The story of ‘so different, so similar’ is coming from the energy we can find in these two cities full of urban culture, spirit and originality but expressed so differently over the years.

So here we are now with the classic Triple White and Triple Black colorways but the design changes making the AF1 looks tasteful and totally different.

Of course the first things you will notice on the pair is the Slam Jam logo perf pattern on the toe which makes it look like a seal of approval, which relates to the storytelling of the collaboration, great idea ! Second thing would be the extra eyelets and doubles laces which reminds us a bit of the Off-White collabs on the Blazers and Dunks, so original !

More details will be shown on the on feet pictures we will publish very soon so you can feel the premium leather and the suede used on the Swoosh and heel. In the meantime, here's a focus on the shoe.

In terms of launch, the Nike x Slam Jam AF1 will be available in white the 12.10 at Slam Jam (raffle live here) and on 12.13 on SNKRS exclusive to Europe.
The black colorway is set to drop next month the 14th at Slam Jam and then Worldwide (SNKRS globally and selected retailers) the 17th.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version
02 December 2022

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version

  • Posted By : Charly
Best release of the year ?
The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found 'Chicago' finally released on November 19th last month & sold out instantly.
Even though there was a lot of speculation on big numbers for this release, the demand was still very high. No one would leave a pair on the shelf, either for rocking, stocking or flipping.
Prices on the secondary market were going down prior to the release as always but I don't think it will go lower now.
With a floor price of more than 1800€, the previous Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Chicago' 2015 is clearly not affordable for most Jordan brand fans.
So let's find out what are the differences between this year's release, the 2022's version versus the 2015 version.
Spoiler alert, there are a LOT of differences.

First of all, the Jordan boxes are completely different.
The 2015 version comes in a black and gold box which was really strange back then as most of the Air Jordan 1 High OG releases dropped in a Nike black and red box around that time.
This kind of box was used for a lot of the Air Jordan 1 Mid releases recently.
The 2022 version comes in Nike black & red box aged & with a used red cover which seems 'found' from another box. Jordan brand added a yellow sale tag & price as a sign of the past.

The papers inside the boxes are also really different.
The 2015 version includes the classic Off-white paper with the '23' number printed all over it.
The 2022 presents a paper  with all the best Jordan commercials from back in the days.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 13
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 14
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 15

The toe box shape feels a little bit more of a nice gradual slope on this year's version compared to
the 2015 version. As far as materials go on the toe box & the side panel this year's version has that vintage look through the cracked effect and sail color when the 2015 version keeps the clean & smooth classic white leather.
As far as the black swooshes go, they are pretty much identical but it still seems a little bit bigger on the 2022 version.
On this year's version the perforations at the front are a little bit more pronounced and larger than the 2015.
The color of the red leather appears to be more vibrant and bold on the 2015 version while the 2022 version is a little bit more faded and muted.
At the same time, the finish of the leather has a little bit more gloss on the 2015 version whereas this year's version looks more matte.

The aged effect is also applied on the midsoles and outsoles of the 2022's version : the midsoles are painted in that sail color and a vintage wash treatment was applied under the shoe.
The 2015 release has pure white midsoles which feels like a brand new DS pair.
Also note that on the outsoles, the stars seems a little bit more pronounced on the 2022 version.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 12
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 11
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 10
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 9

In terms of the overall height and shape of these releases, the 2015 version is a little bit taller in height compared to the 2022 version.
Also, around that ankle area, the black part at the very top stands up straighter and is a little bit taller on the 2015 version whereas the 2022 version is more curved and rounded.
We can see many differences on the materials too.
The black leather used on the 2015 version is the classic one whereas this year's version has the cracked appearance to complete the OG look.
The inner liners of the shoe is constructed in a classic mesh with these larger holes on the 2015's version while this year's version is much more tightly wound with a smoother and silkier feel to the touch.
This year's version uses polyurethane insoles versus the 2015 version which got the classic foam ones. The Nike Air branding is black on the 2015 version and red on the 2022 version.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 8
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 1
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 2
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 3

The wings logo on the lateral side are pretty different too.
The 2015 version includes the most common wings logo these days where it's debossed into the red leather and it's painted on top giving a shiny black finish.
This year's version is very close to the OG 85 look where it's embossed this time & painted in a matte black finish.

The tongues also got obvious differences.
The 2015 uses a classic white nylon whereas this year's has that aged off-white/sail tone to it.
At the very top, the tags are not the same. On this year's version, the font is a little bit thinner and Nike brought back the r for registered from the 85 edition.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 4
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 5
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version

About the other accessories & elements inside the boxes, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 2015 version comes with the classic air jordan cardboard shoe trees.
The Lost & Found version includes old papers like the OG version.
Both releases comes with the original black laces. The 2015 version had 2 extra laces bagged : red and white.
This year version only comes with an extra pair of sail laces.

In terms of sizing, both releases fit true to size from me. I would say that the 2022's version feels a little bit smaller especially if you have wide feet.
I still recommend to go true to size like most Air Jordan 1 High releases.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 6
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 7

Finally the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Lost & Found' Chicago and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 2015 are different in many ways. But Jordan managed to keep it to the details.
They brought (once again) on the table a smart story telling to re-release the same but always different colorways of the past.
Important note about the price though : it went up from 150€ back in 2015 to 180€ this year. This is a significant price increase...

If I get to choose between the two, I would go with the 2015 release with no hesitation.
Even though this year release has a great story & cool details close to the OG pair, the look is not the fresh iconic Chicago image that I have in mind when I think about Michael playing on the courts.
If you got an OG pair, then you have your own story with it. It grows every time you are wearing it, makes sense. With this year's release, it feels like everyone got the same story from 1985 until now.
Anyway, other than that I am curious about how these will get old compare to the 2015 version, especially the cracked parts.

That being said, if you missed the 2015 release, no doubt that the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found Chicago 2022 is a great choice for any Jordan Brand fans.
If you took that L for these, check the availability of the secondary market via the full release pages.

POKÉMON x Puma RS-X Pikachu review & on feet look
01 December 2022

POKÉMON x Puma RS-X Pikachu review & on feet look

  • Posted By : Charly
The POKÉMON x Puma RS-X 'Pikachu' is part of the Pokemon x Puma collection which consists of different Footwear and apparel highlighting Pokemon characters including SquirtleCharmander, Gengar, Bulbasaur and Pikachu.
Paying homage to the most iconic character of the Pokemon world with this release, Puma applied Pikachu characteristics to the RS-X silhouette.

Not seen that much recently, the Puma RS-X is a very comfortable puma lifestyle sneaker which falls into the chunky dad shoe category.
This time, the base layer of the shoe is constructed out of a pale yellow ripstop nylon.
On top of that at the front, a mix of synthetic leather & darker yellow suede overlays are surrounding the toe cap and the eyelets of the shoe.
On the side, the classic Puma stripe is done in a lenticular finish featuring a lightning bolt holographic design reminding the special power of Pikachu.

At the back of the shoe, we have a semi-translucent TPU heel clip in the middle structuring and adding support.
Underneath this, we have again a black colored lightning bolt graphic expressing Pikachu abilities.

The tongue is covered in that same pale yellow ripstop nylon and we have a synthetic leather tag on the top featuring the Puma branding and Pikachu's face.
Hanging off the shoe, the pair includes a Pikachu hang tag as well.

On the back of the tongue we have this rectangular tag with a Pokeball graphic along with the numbers 25, 26 and 172 which represents the different iterations of Pikachu through its evolutions.
The black insoles features the silhouettes of these 3 steps.

The white chunky foam midsole is contrasting with a speckled yellow hit in the
middle along with the black with yellow speckle paint on the heel.

About sizing, they run small to me. I recommend to go at least half size up on these.
Pay attention as the Puma sizing is different from other Brand. For example 9US is 42EUR while for Nike 9US is 42.5EUR.
Make sure to go half size up on the US or Japanese sizing.

When it comes to quality, I would not say the materials are premium on this pair, plus it includes a lot of synthetic ones (nylons, Puma stripe).
However, the execution & achievement of the shoe is great. My pair don't have any defects or glue stains at all.

I personally think that this collaboration (as well as the whole collection) is really cool especially if you are a fan of the Pokemon characters.
With a price tag of 120€, Puma is really keeping this sneaker affordable on the current market.

At the moment the Men version was only released on Puma stores worldwide & sold out in a few hours.
You can still grab a pair of the secondary market
Check the full availability on our release page.
Check the pictures & video below for a full on feet look.

Black Friday 2022 - best deals selection
24 November 2022

Black Friday 2022 - best deals selection

  • Posted By : Hatim

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Black Friday with Nike Europe
24 November 2022

Black Friday with Nike Europe

  • Posted By : Hatim
Crazy deals are selling out right now on Nike Europe for Black Friday.
You can now get 25% OFF site-wide, it means full priced items and those already on sale !
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Our selection:

Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Midnight Navy' with 25% OFF
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Nike Air Max 95 '3 Lions' with 25% OFF
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Air Jordan 7 Retro 'Sapphire' with 25% OFF
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Nike Air Max Plus FFF with 25% OFF
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Women's Nike Air Force 1 Fontanka 'Triple White' with 55% OFF
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Air Jordan 13 Retro Low 'Singles Day' with 25% OFF
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Nike Air Trainer 1 'Enamel Green' with 55% OFF
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Nike Blazer Mid '77 Jumbo 'White/Black' with 47% OFF
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Nike Air VaporMax Plus 'Triple White' with 40% OFF
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Nike Air VaporMax Plus 'Triple Black' with 40% OFF
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Nike Air Huarache OG Orca 'White/Black' with 47% OFF
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Nike Air Max Penny 'Photon Dust Summit White' with 55% OFF
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Nike Air Max 95 'Grey Fog' with 55% OFF
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What are the differences between Men and Women Nike Dunk Low Panda releases ?
21 November 2022

What are the differences between Men and Women Nike Dunk Low Panda releases ?

  • Posted By : Charly
The Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' is unquestionably one of the most successful Nike releases of the past 2 years.
Sold out instantly at every restock that happened at official retailers, the volume of sales of this black and white - easy to wear - colorway on the secondary market has been impressive for a long period of time.

The Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' released in full family sizes with 2 different style codes for Men (DD1391-100) & Women (DD1503-101).

Men sizes run : 3.5M US - 15M US
Women size run : 5W US - 12W US (equivalent in Men sizing 3.5M US - 10.5M US)
The size runs are not the same but both releases have a lot of sizes in common.
Let's see what the differences are between the two releases : Men's vs Women's Nike Dunk Low 'Panda'.

Nike Boxes

Both boxes are now displaying unisex sizing.
Men sizing at the top for the men release, Women sizing at the top for the women release
The Men boxes from the very first drop & restocks were only in Men sizing.

Collar lining

Collar lining is made with a wider mesh material on the Women pair.

Tongue color inside

The color of the tongue inside is Black on the Men pair & White on the Women pair.


On the insole, the registered sign is a little bolder on the Women pair.

For the rest, both Nike Dunk Low Panda releases are pretty much the same.
Anyone can actually buy & rock the Men or the Women pair without any huge difference at first sight.
If your size is bigger that 10.5M US, you will need to grab a Men pair though.

The Nike Dunk Low Panda Collection is currently sold out at official retailers, you can grab a pair on the secondary market.
Stay tuned for more availability & updates via our twitter account.

Stone Island x New Balance Football Collection
21 November 2022

Stone Island x New Balance Football Collection

  • Posted By : Hatim

Who's into Football these days ?

Anyway, Stone Island and New Balance seems to be ready for a long-term collaboration.
It's always good to see two totally different brands being great in their respective fields and wanting to gather their values of research and functionality to create a capsule such as this one.

This 'In Motion' camouflage Stone Island print pattern is now all over Football equipement such as the Furon v7, the whole kit and the iconic NB 574.

Details of the collection:

Furon V7: The upper of this shoe is made from Hypoknit, which provides comfort and durability to the foot. The lining consists of mesh that improves breathability while aiding in drainage during play on firm ground.


The jersey and shorts in the Stone Island Kit are made from 100% recycled polyester, while black socks break up this otherwise-total look.

The New Balance 574 is dropping later but what we can say for now is that they won't be made with camouflage Stone Island print but in Grey Green colorway with the Stone Island logo on the tongue.

Available exclusively online on from 21st November and Worldwide on the 25th November on New Balance.
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Black Friday Week 2022
19 November 2022

Black Friday Week 2022

  • Posted By : Hatim
Black Friday started early with huge discounts !
This year you have a bigger chance to get what you want as the deals will last around 3 weeks !
We already made our first selection for Luisaviaroma and Nike Europe

Here's another selection but this time of the best spots where you can find the gems you are after.

25% off full price for Nike EU Members only. Exclusions apply. Use code WIN22
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Get EXTRA 20% OFF selected items with BLACKFRIDAY on Nike US
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If you are after some luxury pieces, you can get 30% OFF with code EXCLUSIVE30 on Mr Porter
There is a dedicated shop for women with the same deal called Net-A-Porter. You can use the same code.

Sneakerbaas always brings great deals all over the year, this time you have 25% OFF almost everything.

Here one for European customers, 30% OFF sale on Converse Europe. No code is needed.
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Get your basketball shoe under retail now with Kickz. You can get 25% OFF selected items with code LOYALTY.
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Fear Of God Essentials Fall Core Collection 2022
21 November 2022

Fear Of God Essentials Fall Core Collection 2022

  • Posted By : Hatim
The Fear of God Essentials Fall Core Collection 2022 is finally here.

We are back to classic and beloved colorways because, I you might know, the Core Collection is a year-round selection.
To answer all the tastes, you have the choice between front and back logo on tops.

Still no news for Europan distribution, we can only get FOG Essentials in the US and UK. The UK was out to it seems Mr Porter is selling again the collection.
You might get a reshipper from the US or UK to get your items because even StockX is not shipping them to Europe anymore.

Renew your wardrobe now from SSENSEPACSUN and Mr Porter UK & US.

Shooting campaign in Brooklyn Rocky-inspired scenes.

Latest Nike Europe deals - November 2022
18 November 2022

Latest Nike Europe deals - November 2022

  • Posted By : Hatim
Nike Europe just added more styles into clearance such as Air Force 1Nike Air Max 95Lebron...etc
You can get great gems up to 50% OFF !

This is the second time Nike Europe is blessing us with huge bargains, don't sleep, everything is always selling out fast.
Find below our selection.

Nike LeBron 3 Retro 'BBZ' now with 40% OFF
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Nike Air Max Penny 1 'All-Star' with 40% OFF
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Nike Air Trainer 1 'Enamel Green' with 40% OFF
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Air Jordan 11 Retro Low IE 'Light Orewood Brown' with 40% OFF
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Women's Nike Air Max 90 'Light Bone/Vivid Sulphur/University Blue' with 50% OFF
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Nike Air More Uptempo '96 'Black Action Grape' with 30% OFF
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Black Friday by LVR - 40% OFF almost everything
18 November 2022

Black Friday by LVR - 40% OFF almost everything

  • Posted By : Hatim
This time LVR is kicking off the Black Friday with 1 week giving 40% OFF thouthands of items. You the code BF40 at checkout.
All items are available for Men here and Women here.

If you want to save time, here our selection of the best deals on sneakers.

Nike Air Max 95 'Fish Scales' 190€ 114€
Get the pair here

Women's Nike Zoom Vomero 5 'Oatmeal' 162€ 97€
Big sizes also available so don't miss them, click here.

Comme des Garcons x Nike Air Max 97 - 359€ 215€
Buy your favorite colorway here.

adidas Y-3 Qasa High 'Black' 354€ 212€
Get your latest Qasa High here

Amiri Skel Bones Low Top 'Red' 736€ 441€
Get your pair almost 50% OFF here

Autry Medalist Sky Blue 'Get to the ball' 190€ 114€
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adidas Originals Adilette Slides 22 'Carbon Aluminium' 61€ 36€
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Singles Day 2022 - All deals not to miss
10 November 2022

Singles Day 2022 - All deals not to miss

  • Posted By : Hatim
The Singles' day also called Double 11 or even Bachelor's Day is an unofficial shopping season that celebrates single people. It became viral since few years now and the whole world took it as a promotion period.
For 2022 we got tons of deals and we choose to bring you the best deals and promo codes we found online.  Enjoy !

This LVR deal of the best this week. We listed all the timeframes and best deals on the page here.

Get 25% OFF almost everything with code SD25 on Solebox.
The eligible products are listed here.

Get 25% OFF almost everything on SNS.
Just login and check the link here to see if you can access this huge promotion. No code needed, price in cart.

Get 22% OFF full priced items with code SINGLE22 on HBX
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Get 25% OFF full priced items and 15% OFF sales with code SD22 on Oqium.
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Get 22% OFF almost everything on PUMA Europe with code SINGLE & TREAT for the UK.
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Get 22% OFF selected items on Kickz without any code. Price displayed directly on products.
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Simple deal on Snipes Europe, get 20% OFF everything without code.
All items are already discount on the site here.

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