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Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version
02 December 2022

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version

  • Posted By : Charly
Best release of the year ?
The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found 'Chicago' finally released on November 19th last month & sold out instantly.
Even though there was a lot of speculation on big numbers for this release, the demand was still very high. No one would leave a pair on the shelf, either for rocking, stocking or flipping.
Prices on the secondary market were going down prior to the release as always but I don't think it will go lower now.
With a floor price of more than 1800€, the previous Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Chicago' 2015 is clearly not affordable for most Jordan brand fans.
So let's find out what are the differences between this year's release, the 2022's version versus the 2015 version.
Spoiler alert, there are a LOT of differences.

First of all, the Jordan boxes are completely different.
The 2015 version comes in a black and gold box which was really strange back then as most of the Air Jordan 1 High OG releases dropped in a Nike black and red box around that time.
This kind of box was used for a lot of the Air Jordan 1 Mid releases recently.
The 2022 version comes in Nike black & red box aged & with a used red cover which seems 'found' from another box. Jordan brand added a yellow sale tag & price as a sign of the past.

The papers inside the boxes are also really different.
The 2015 version includes the classic Off-white paper with the '23' number printed all over it.
The 2022 presents a paper  with all the best Jordan commercials from back in the days.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 13
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 14
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 15

The toe box shape feels a little bit more of a nice gradual slope on this year's version compared to
the 2015 version. As far as materials go on the toe box & the side panel this year's version has that vintage look through the cracked effect and sail color when the 2015 version keeps the clean & smooth classic white leather.
As far as the black swooshes go, they are pretty much identical but it still seems a little bit bigger on the 2022 version.
On this year's version the perforations at the front are a little bit more pronounced and larger than the 2015.
The color of the red leather appears to be more vibrant and bold on the 2015 version while the 2022 version is a little bit more faded and muted.
At the same time, the finish of the leather has a little bit more gloss on the 2015 version whereas this year's version looks more matte.

The aged effect is also applied on the midsoles and outsoles of the 2022's version : the midsoles are painted in that sail color and a vintage wash treatment was applied under the shoe.
The 2015 release has pure white midsoles which feels like a brand new DS pair.
Also note that on the outsoles, the stars seems a little bit more pronounced on the 2022 version.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 12
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 11
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 10
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 9

In terms of the overall height and shape of these releases, the 2015 version is a little bit taller in height compared to the 2022 version.
Also, around that ankle area, the black part at the very top stands up straighter and is a little bit taller on the 2015 version whereas the 2022 version is more curved and rounded.
We can see many differences on the materials too.
The black leather used on the 2015 version is the classic one whereas this year's version has the cracked appearance to complete the OG look.
The inner liners of the shoe is constructed in a classic mesh with these larger holes on the 2015's version while this year's version is much more tightly wound with a smoother and silkier feel to the touch.
This year's version uses polyurethane insoles versus the 2015 version which got the classic foam ones. The Nike Air branding is black on the 2015 version and red on the 2022 version.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 8
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 1
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 2
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 3

The wings logo on the lateral side are pretty different too.
The 2015 version includes the most common wings logo these days where it's debossed into the red leather and it's painted on top giving a shiny black finish.
This year's version is very close to the OG 85 look where it's embossed this time & painted in a matte black finish.

The tongues also got obvious differences.
The 2015 uses a classic white nylon whereas this year's has that aged off-white/sail tone to it.
At the very top, the tags are not the same. On this year's version, the font is a little bit thinner and Nike brought back the r for registered from the 85 edition.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 4
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 5
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version

About the other accessories & elements inside the boxes, the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 2015 version comes with the classic air jordan cardboard shoe trees.
The Lost & Found version includes old papers like the OG version.
Both releases comes with the original black laces. The 2015 version had 2 extra laces bagged : red and white.
This year version only comes with an extra pair of sail laces.

In terms of sizing, both releases fit true to size from me. I would say that the 2022's version feels a little bit smaller especially if you have wide feet.
I still recommend to go true to size like most Air Jordan 1 High releases.

Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 6
Comparison of the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost and Found Chicago 2022 vs 2015 Version 7

Finally the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 'Lost & Found' Chicago and the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG 2015 are different in many ways. But Jordan managed to keep it to the details.
They brought (once again) on the table a smart story telling to re-release the same but always different colorways of the past.
Important note about the price though : it went up from 150€ back in 2015 to 180€ this year. This is a significant price increase...

If I get to choose between the two, I would go with the 2015 release with no hesitation.
Even though this year release has a great story & cool details close to the OG pair, the look is not the fresh iconic Chicago image that I have in mind when I think about Michael playing on the courts.
If you got an OG pair, then you have your own story with it. It grows every time you are wearing it, makes sense. With this year's release, it feels like everyone got the same story from 1985 until now.
Anyway, other than that I am curious about how these will get old compare to the 2015 version, especially the cracked parts.

That being said, if you missed the 2015 release, no doubt that the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Lost & Found Chicago 2022 is a great choice for any Jordan Brand fans.
If you took that L for these, check the availability of the secondary market via the full release pages.

POKÉMON x Puma RS-X Pikachu review & on feet look
01 December 2022

POKÉMON x Puma RS-X Pikachu review & on feet look

  • Posted By : Charly
The POKÉMON x Puma RS-X 'Pikachu' is part of the Pokemon x Puma collection which consists of different Footwear and apparel highlighting Pokemon characters including SquirtleCharmander, Gengar, Bulbasaur and Pikachu.
Paying homage to the most iconic character of the Pokemon world with this release, Puma applied Pikachu characteristics to the RS-X silhouette.

Not seen that much recently, the Puma RS-X is a very comfortable puma lifestyle sneaker which falls into the chunky dad shoe category.
This time, the base layer of the shoe is constructed out of a pale yellow ripstop nylon.
On top of that at the front, a mix of synthetic leather & darker yellow suede overlays are surrounding the toe cap and the eyelets of the shoe.
On the side, the classic Puma stripe is done in a lenticular finish featuring a lightning bolt holographic design reminding the special power of Pikachu.

At the back of the shoe, we have a semi-translucent TPU heel clip in the middle structuring and adding support.
Underneath this, we have again a black colored lightning bolt graphic expressing Pikachu abilities.

The tongue is covered in that same pale yellow ripstop nylon and we have a synthetic leather tag on the top featuring the Puma branding and Pikachu's face.
Hanging off the shoe, the pair includes a Pikachu hang tag as well.

On the back of the tongue we have this rectangular tag with a Pokeball graphic along with the numbers 25, 26 and 172 which represents the different iterations of Pikachu through its evolutions.
The black insoles features the silhouettes of these 3 steps.

The white chunky foam midsole is contrasting with a speckled yellow hit in the
middle along with the black with yellow speckle paint on the heel.

About sizing, they run small to me. I recommend to go at least half size up on these.
Pay attention as the Puma sizing is different from other Brand. For example 9US is 42EUR while for Nike 9US is 42.5EUR.
Make sure to go half size up on the US or Japanese sizing.

When it comes to quality, I would not say the materials are premium on this pair, plus it includes a lot of synthetic ones (nylons, Puma stripe).
However, the execution & achievement of the shoe is great. My pair don't have any defects or glue stains at all.

I personally think that this collaboration (as well as the whole collection) is really cool especially if you are a fan of the Pokemon characters.
With a price tag of 120€, Puma is really keeping this sneaker affordable on the current market.

At the moment the Men version was only released on Puma stores worldwide & sold out in a few hours.
You can still grab a pair of the secondary market
Check the full availability on our release page.
Check the pictures & video below for a full on feet look.

A spirit of 90’s hip-hop - Patta x Tommy Collection
28 November 2022

A spirit of 90’s hip-hop - Patta x Tommy Collection

  • Posted By : Hatim

Patta and Tommy just dropped the lookbook of their second capsule collection. Taking us back to the spirit of '90s Hip Hop, Patta x Tommy collaboration is briging both their streetwear heritage mixed with the NY influence. Everyone will find their classic styles they use to wear back in the days with all these graphics and logos. The capsule will contain 18 gender-inclusive styles that capture a modern streetwear take on New York’s 90s hip hop.

Patta x Tommy collection will be available on Friday, December 2nd on and at Patta Chapter stores, with a wider release at selected global retailers on December 9th.

Selected pictures from the official lookbook are below, visit the officiate site for all details here.

Black Friday 2022 - best deals selection
24 November 2022

Black Friday 2022 - best deals selection

  • Posted By : Hatim

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Black Friday with Nike Europe
24 November 2022

Black Friday with Nike Europe

  • Posted By : Hatim
Crazy deals are selling out right now on Nike Europe for Black Friday.
You can now get 25% OFF site-wide, it means full priced items and those already on sale !
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Nike Air Huarache OG Orca 'White/Black' with 47% OFF
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What are the differences between Men and Women Nike Dunk Low Panda releases ?
21 November 2022

What are the differences between Men and Women Nike Dunk Low Panda releases ?

  • Posted By : Charly
The Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' is unquestionably one of the most successful Nike releases of the past 2 years.
Sold out instantly at every restock that happened at official retailers, the volume of sales of this black and white - easy to wear - colorway on the secondary market has been impressive for a long period of time.

The Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' released in full family sizes with 2 different style codes for Men (DD1391-100) & Women (DD1503-101).

Men sizes run : 3.5M US - 15M US
Women size run : 5W US - 12W US (equivalent in Men sizing 3.5M US - 10.5M US)
The size runs are not the same but both releases have a lot of sizes in common.
Let's see what the differences are between the two releases : Men's vs Women's Nike Dunk Low 'Panda'.

Nike Boxes

Both boxes are now displaying unisex sizing.
Men sizing at the top for the men release, Women sizing at the top for the women release
The Men boxes from the very first drop & restocks were only in Men sizing.

Collar lining

Collar lining is made with a wider mesh material on the Women pair.

Tongue color inside

The color of the tongue inside is Black on the Men pair & White on the Women pair.


On the insole, the registered sign is a little bolder on the Women pair.

For the rest, both Nike Dunk Low Panda releases are pretty much the same.
Anyone can actually buy & rock the Men or the Women pair without any huge difference at first sight.
If your size is bigger that 10.5M US, you will need to grab a Men pair though.

The Nike Dunk Low Panda Collection is currently sold out at official retailers, you can grab a pair on the secondary market.
Stay tuned for more availability & updates via our twitter account.

Stone Island x New Balance Football Collection
21 November 2022

Stone Island x New Balance Football Collection

  • Posted By : Hatim

Who's into Football these days ?

Anyway, Stone Island and New Balance seems to be ready for a long-term collaboration.
It's always good to see two totally different brands being great in their respective fields and wanting to gather their values of research and functionality to create a capsule such as this one.

This 'In Motion' camouflage Stone Island print pattern is now all over Football equipement such as the Furon v7, the whole kit and the iconic NB 574.

Details of the collection:

Furon V7: The upper of this shoe is made from Hypoknit, which provides comfort and durability to the foot. The lining consists of mesh that improves breathability while aiding in drainage during play on firm ground.


The jersey and shorts in the Stone Island Kit are made from 100% recycled polyester, while black socks break up this otherwise-total look.

The New Balance 574 is dropping later but what we can say for now is that they won't be made with camouflage Stone Island print but in Grey Green colorway with the Stone Island logo on the tongue.

Available exclusively online on from 21st November and Worldwide on the 25th November on New Balance.
Shop by countries: FranceUKGermanySpainNetherlandsItalyBelgiumUSA

Black Friday Week 2022
19 November 2022

Black Friday Week 2022

  • Posted By : Hatim
Black Friday started early with huge discounts !
This year you have a bigger chance to get what you want as the deals will last around 3 weeks !
We already made our first selection for Luisaviaroma and Nike Europe

Here's another selection but this time of the best spots where you can find the gems you are after.

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Sneakerbaas always brings great deals all over the year, this time you have 25% OFF almost everything.

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Fear Of God Essentials Fall Core Collection 2022
21 November 2022

Fear Of God Essentials Fall Core Collection 2022

  • Posted By : Hatim
The Fear of God Essentials Fall Core Collection 2022 is finally here.

We are back to classic and beloved colorways because, I you might know, the Core Collection is a year-round selection.
To answer all the tastes, you have the choice between front and back logo on tops.

Still no news for Europan distribution, we can only get FOG Essentials in the US and UK. The UK was out to it seems Mr Porter is selling again the collection.
You might get a reshipper from the US or UK to get your items because even StockX is not shipping them to Europe anymore.

Renew your wardrobe now from SSENSEPACSUN and Mr Porter UK & US.

Shooting campaign in Brooklyn Rocky-inspired scenes.

Latest Nike Europe deals - November 2022
18 November 2022

Latest Nike Europe deals - November 2022

  • Posted By : Hatim
Nike Europe just added more styles into clearance such as Air Force 1Nike Air Max 95Lebron...etc
You can get great gems up to 50% OFF !

This is the second time Nike Europe is blessing us with huge bargains, don't sleep, everything is always selling out fast.
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Black Friday by LVR - 40% OFF almost everything
18 November 2022

Black Friday by LVR - 40% OFF almost everything

  • Posted By : Hatim
This time LVR is kicking off the Black Friday with 1 week giving 40% OFF thouthands of items. You the code BF40 at checkout.
All items are available for Men here and Women here.

If you want to save time, here our selection of the best deals on sneakers.

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adidas Originals Adilette Slides 22 'Carbon Aluminium' 61€ 36€
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Singles Day 2022 - All deals not to miss
10 November 2022

Singles Day 2022 - All deals not to miss

  • Posted By : Hatim
The Singles' day also called Double 11 or even Bachelor's Day is an unofficial shopping season that celebrates single people. It became viral since few years now and the whole world took it as a promotion period.
For 2022 we got tons of deals and we choose to bring you the best deals and promo codes we found online.  Enjoy !

This LVR deal of the best this week. We listed all the timeframes and best deals on the page here.

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Singles Day by LVR - 40% OFF almost everything
10 November 2022

Singles Day by LVR - 40% OFF almost everything

  • Posted By : Hatim
LVR always bring the best deals on latest sneakers and clothes online.
This time for Singles' Day we have thousands of items with 40% OFF.

Apply the code 1111 at checkout during the following timeframes:
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Our selection

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Women's Air Jordan 1 Zoom Air CMFT 'Venice' only at €85 €142.00

New Balance 574 Legacy 'Grey Sea Salt' 73€ €122

adidas Y-3 Kaiwa 'Core White' €212 €354

adidas UltraBOOST 1.0 LTD 'Cream' €133.00 €223.00

Women's Air Jordan 1 Low 'Black Cherrywood Red' €73 €122

Amiri Skel Bones Low 'Navy' €441 €736
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New Balance 2002R 'Rain Cloud Angora' €105 €162

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How do raffles work for sneakers ?
01 November 2022

How do raffles work for sneakers ?

  • Posted By : Charly
E-commerce is a form of business that exploded during the last decade. More & more
customers are buying online with confidence, taking advantage of lower shipping rates &
faster deliveries.
With a smartphone, (almost) anyone can order in a few minutes a pair of sneakers with a
minimum effort. You don’t need to live in a big city or to have a local sneakers store.
The eternal problem though, is the release of products with a very high demand.
This is how Raffles got into Sneakers Market.

What are raffles?

Raffles (also called draws) are an answer to distribute fairly high demand products to
Most of the time, they simply are a form to fill in order to enter the lottery.
Just to clarify, if you are not familiar with this system of distribution, whenever you sign up for
a raffle and you get selected as a winner, you don’t actually win the product but rather have
the right to buy it at retail price.
These days the raffles are being used by a lot of industries for limited editions & very high
demand products including Sneakers, Apparel, NFTs, Video games, Watches & more.
Let’s try to dig deeper in this system that changed the sneakers distribution for the past

Why sneakers shops use them ?

Imagine tens of thousands of people in front of a physical store waiting to buy a pair of
sneakers : how would you handle it ?
If you never saw these long lines also called ‘camps’, well they used to be real back in the
days, lasting sometimes for days outside.
After a few scandals around the world with people fighting & getting injured, sneakers
stores decided to implement a new lottery system for these limited releases.
This new system brings security & equal opportunity to all customers ready to give their
money instantly to own the coveted product.

How do Raffles work & what are the different types ?

Raffles can apply either online or in store and be of different types: social raffles,
application raffles & more. Here is a guide of the different scenarios you will encounter for

Application raffles

A lot of stores decided to create a brand new application to handle the hype releases.
Understanding the importance of mobile use these days, a dedicated App is a quick and
easy answer for their users to sign up in a few seconds.

It took time but more & more sneakers stores invested in this, looking at this as a bigger
opportunity to stay close to their customers and community: sending push notifications,
shopping directly via the App, analyzing the navigation for personal recommendations,
Not every retailer can afford such an IT project though. It can be very expensive for a small
business and the application must be maintained in time.
Among the most famous raffle applications we can mention : SNKRS app (Nike Store),
Confirmed (adidas), Sneakersnstuff, Size?, Footpatrol…

Web forms

A lot of stores use their website directly to gather the subscriptions of the raffles. Customers
are invited to sign up via a Web form generally available from the product page. External
solutions like Google forms or Type forms are still used sometimes to save all this data.
When this type of raffles stay open for a long time (like 1 week), they are often attacked by
bots trying to enter as many times as possible to increase their chance.
On the store side, these raffles require a lot of time & processing to randomly choose
the winners & communicate.

Live raffles

Live raffles may be the less common type of raffles because it requires an infrastructure
that can support a large traffic at the same time.
Live raffles will start at a random or scheduled time and will be open for a very limited time.
SNKRS live raffles for example last generally 15 minutes and then at the end of this period,
the system will automatically pick up random winners and deliver the results almost instantly
to the customers.
Live ones are possibly where you have the best chance to cop as long as the stock is good
because people have to be on time and it prevents bots from entering 100000 times in the
interval of time. But once again it requires more technical skills in the background to be

Social raffles

Social raffles had a huge success especially at the beginning of the raffle wave.
It consists in asking your community to complete a list of tasks on one or several social
media to be part of the lottery.
Most of the time, people are asked to tag several friends to get the post viral or even to
repost a picture. A lot of accounts use this trend at first to catch more followers at every
However, it became boring for a lot of people as your social feed started to look like a lottery
game, especially if you were entering like 10 social raffles for every hyped release.
It is certainly the most effortful version of the raffles which is not a good point for the final
customer. It’s also the most discouraging one because you can see with transparency the
number of comments or retweets etc. I personally avoided these types of raffles as soon as I
saw thousands of comments.

Payment system : Do we have to pay when entering sneaker raffles ?

Now that we know all these types of raffles, the next question is : Do you have to pay for
sneaker raffles ?

The answer is: it depends. The payment system (in case you win of course) is different
according to the retailer.

Case number 1 : pre-authorization of the payment at the same time as you filled the
form of the raffle. You are asked to provide your payment details as well as your
shipping & billing address. Most of the time it won’t actually take your money but just
check the authorization.

Case number 2 : You don’t provide any payment details but if you win a unique link
will be sent out to you to complete the purchase. Either a basket link where you will
need to log in or a PayPal link.

Case number 3 : When brands also want to sell a part of the stock in physical stores
for high demand sneakers, they open special raffles to win the right to collect (and
buy) the product in-store at a particular address. It allows the local business to be
part of the loop & the customer to get the product directly on the release date.

In this second case, you still get the choice afterwards to buy the shoe or not, which is good
as a customer but the store will need to re-draw the uncollected pairs among the losers or
sell them later on a First come first serve basis. This can be a lot of effort for small stores
that don’t want to spend so much time on each release.
In the first case, if you enter more than 10 raffles for a 200€ product and you win three times,
you will automatically spend 600€ even if you don’t want to. In reality, it does not happen
often on very high demand sneakers but theoretically the customer could suffer from a
big spending if the demand is lower than expected.

How to Find, Enter, and Win Sneakers Raffles ?
How to increase your chances of
winning ?
Tips you need to know.

If you are chasing a new pair of sneakers for your collection, we recommend you to
check our sneaker releases page. You can type the name of the release or the SKU
(Manufacturer code/Style code) in the search at the top right for a quick result.
After that, just navigate to the Raffles Tab and check the list with direct links.
You will have to enter each raffle separately before the time closure. As seen before,
according to the retailer you might need to install dedicated applications to register.
Remember that most sneakers raffles are open & live before the release date (except in
case of late deliveries) and closes generally before the official drop time. So don’t try to
sign up 2 hours before the release.
Be aware that each retailer is handling the raffles with its own process. Time frames are
often really different these days.
There are not many tips that will result in win on every drop. But if you are really after
a release with very high demand then you should enter as many raffles as you possibly can.

On top of that, you can ask friends to do the same for you, maybe only on the
ones with the minimum effort.
Last tip: entering sneakers raffles takes time. To be efficient & strategic, you might want to
enter all the raffles at once, generally 48h or 24h minimum before the drop.

Are raffles doing their job ?
Is it worth entering them ?

So does the raffle system solve the problem of high demand products ? Well, the main issue
will stay the fact that there are more losers than winners. This is hyped products by design.

However, Raffles are an answer that really try to make it more fair for the sneaker
community. Like any new system, older systems adapted themselves to exploit it. It clearly
did not solve the bot issues (it may even be worse on certain types of raffles as they are
open for a week sometimes) and asked the stores new effort to stay in the game.
I really think it is a good way to secure a pair of sneakers in advance if you are sure to
cop & not available on the release day for example. I still think customer loyalty should be
more rewarded and that the system can be improved with all the experience we have
from the past years.
I also think that many products can be sold again on a first come first serve basis as we see
a lot of full size run dropping late at retailers lately. Each store has its own strategy &
customers vision though, there is no best choice here.

Upcoming sneaker raffles

To get all updates about upcoming sneakers raffles, visit our dedicated Raffle open page.
Browse in real time the current Sneakers raffles with direct links & countdowns.

Buy your daily sneaker under retail on ASOS UK
22 September 2022

Buy your daily sneaker under retail on ASOS UK

  • Posted By : Hatim
Today ASOS UK is blessing us wih a fresh 25% discount on almost all Nike items !
we give you our selection of the best silhouette you can buy as a daily sneaker at the best price.


Nike Blazer 77' Jumbo

Nike Air Huarache

Nike Vapormax Flyknit

Nike Waffle One

Nike Air Presto

Various Nike Air Max

Louis Vuitton and Nike Air Force 1 by Virgil Abloh Digital Online Drop
18 July 2022

Louis Vuitton and Nike Air Force 1 by Virgil Abloh Digital Online Drop

  • Posted By : Admin
Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the iconic Nike Air Force 1, Louis Vuitton and Nike teamed up to create a unique collection merging luxury codes with a classic sportswear silhouette.
Designed by the one and only Virgil Abloh, the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 are part of the SS22 Collection including 47 bespoke editions all crafted in Italy.
Most of the stock was already sold (or given) to VIP Clients, Influencers & more. We saw a lot of images and videos on social medias in the past few months.

The shoes will launch globally & exclusively online tomorrow, on July 19th 2022. (not available in stores in any country).
They will be only available on the Louis Vuitton website. There will be no drop on SNKRS or Nike store.
Only 9 commercial editions of the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 will be available for this drop among the 47 of the Collection.
You can check the colorways below.
The release will be via a waiting room aka a random queue system.
If you are lucky to pass the queue, you will have 10 minutes to complete your order.
There will be no cart reservation & be aware that as usual only the shipping confirmation will make your order 100% safe.
There is a limit of 1 pair per customer.
The price of the mid-tops will be 2500€/$3,450 USD and low tops is 2000€/$2,750 USD.
The size run available will be from 3.5 to 18. (US Men's Nike Fit).

The release time is set to be at 2PM CET for Europe & 12PM EDT for the US.
Check the countdown pages for the US here and for Europe here.

Expect a high demand & low stocks on all colorways.
Resell prices are already crazy on Stockx.
Good luck to everyone if you are after these.
Definitely a piece to add to a sneaker collection.

Focus on the Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You Travis Scott inspired
09 January 2022

Focus on the Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You Travis Scott inspired

  • Posted By : Charly
Formely called NikeiD, Nike very own custom program was renamed 'Nike By You' a couple of years ago.
If you don't know about it, it's a co-creation service provided by Nike allowing customers to customize clothing and footwear directly on Nike store.
The releases are dropping through programs on selected Nike silhouettes. Each programs includes limited options : colorways, materials on selected parts of the shoe & is limited in time.

Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You Travis Scott inspired

With the hype around the Nike Dunks still running, it was inevitable that the Swoosh company would bring back that style on the customize scene.
The only problem is, since it was re-branded as Nike By You, we all noticed that Nike wanted to make that section more limited than with the old NikeiD programs.
Indeed, key programs that dropped recently were sold out in less than 30 minutes. I remember missing that Levi's x Air Force 1 drop for example.

Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You Travis Scott inspired

The 1st Nike Dunk Low By You dropped in January 2021 as the 'Nike Dunk Low 365 By You'.
It had a huge success & restocked a lot of times since then. However a lot of people were frustrated mainly because the options don't allow you to use 2 colorways on the toe box.
A second drop with a lot more options dropped in Europe on December 6th 2021 (and restocked 2 weeks after that).
In this latest program called 'Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You', you are able to select different materials such as suede, leather.
Almost every part of the shoe can be customized & you can even create a pair with the left shoe different from the right shoe.
It sold out in less than 20 minutes both times.

Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You Travis Scott inspired

Very positive point about this program, the delivery is faster than it used to be with NikeID. The pairs were delivered in around 2/3 weeks (Used to be 4 weeks).
The quality is on point while the price stays at 129,99€. Not bad when you see the resell prices on Stockx for several colorways.
I was able to design a pair myself on the 2nd drop directly inspired by the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro High "Dark Mocha". (Like a lot of people I guess)
Funny thing about this Nike Dunk By You right here, I actually wanted to do a full leather pair.
In the end, I went so fast in the customization process that I used suede on several parts & even mixed the positions between the left & right foot.
(Brown Leather on the left toe box & at the right back and Brown suede on the right toe box & the left back).
All good for me once in hands, it just makes it more unique :)

Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You Travis Scott inspired

This Nike Dunk Low Unlocked By You program is really great in my opinion. It is a good opportunity to create your own design of this classic style.
Check more detailed pictures below. Make sure to stay tuned on not to miss the next restocks on this program.

Focus on the Off-White x Converse Chuck 70 High Stripe White Cone Black
14 April 2021

Focus on the Off-White x Converse Chuck 70 High Stripe White Cone Black

  • Posted By : Admin

The Off-White x Converse Chuck 70 High Stripe 'White Cone Black' is the second iteration between Virgil Abloh & Converse.

It was originally released on October 8th 2018, in a selection of retailers. The pair restocked by surprise on December 11th 2018 on the Converse Store, early in the morning, via their newsletter.

It was a real win for our followers on that shock restock. I remember a lot of W.

Recently Converse announced another restock two and a half years later on their website, thus giving a second chance to people who didn’t cop in the first place. It clearly reactivated the fanbase who is eager to buy them. The release date of this restock was already postponed once, it was confirmed yesterday on the US website but the page is now down again.

With the signature warning striped on the midsole & the text on the ankle patch, the bright orange sole and the labelling on the shoelaces, Virgil Abloh signed the Chuck Taylor 70 with his distinctive touch. Despite the restocks, it stays one of the most wanted Converse.

Tomorrow or not tomorrow for the next one ? We'll see. Stay tuned on our twitter account to make sure to be the first to cop :)

In the meantime, take a closer look at this heat with detailed & on feet pictures.

Focus on the Ruohan Wang x Nike Flyleather 'Earth Day' Pack 2020
06 October 2020

Focus on the Ruohan Wang x Nike Flyleather 'Earth Day' Pack 2020

  • Posted By : Admin
Celebrating Earth Day again this year, Nike continues its eco-reponsible projects through a collaboration with Ruohan Wang.
Born in China, she is an illustrator, painter & visual artist based in Berlin (Germany).

The pack includes 3 different styles using that Flyleather made from at least 50% leather fibre : Air Force 1 Low, Nike Blazer Mid 77 & Air Max 90.
Each style showcases artwork from the artist with multicolor prints encouraging the ecological mission for our planet.
Crisp overlays, bold colours, revisited logos make each pair a real piece of art.
The Air Force 1 & the Blazer Mid 77 includes 2 pairs of alternate laces while all the 3 pairs are kept in a special box also designed by Ruohan Wang.

The collection dropped online & instore a select Nike Store only on September 24th.
Mostly gone by now, make sure to visit our release pages to check the full availability online.