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Air Jordan 1 Mid

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The origins of the Air Jordan 1 Mid date back to 1985 with its counterparts the High & the Low. That year, Peter Moore designed the legendary Air Jordan 1 High & Low as the first Michael Jordan signature sneakers. We have to wait until the 2000's and the 2nd retro run of Air Jordans (2001-2004) to see the introduction of the Air Jordan 1 Mid by Nike. Cheaper & more lifestyle oriented, the silhouette was revisited to create an everyday shoe with higher accessibility to the fans. For a long time, the Mid releases stayed in the shadow of the Original High. Since 2019, Nike multiplied its releases with a lot of great collaborations & special editions bringing new materials, quality & creativity to the table. Most releases don't sit on the shelves or hit the sale racks anymore. The Air Jordan 1 Mid finally found its place & became an integral part of Jordan Brand’s legacy.