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Nike Air Max Plus

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History & Inspiration of the Nike Air Max Plus

The Nike Air Max Plus has its origins in a project called 'Sky Air' in 1997. Developed in collaboration with renowned retailer Foot Locker, this innovative project aimed to evolve the 'Max Air' cushioning technology with two opposing hemispheres and take it to the next level. Newly arrived at Nike, graduate Sean McDowell was immediately put in charge of this project, and was tasked with creating a new running shoe.
The name of the project reminds him of his vacations in Florida, and in particular of the atypical sunsets. The Nike Air Max Plus finds its inspiration in this Floridian setting: palm trees swaying in the wind, a gradation of colors in the sky and whale tails emerging from the water.
Sean McDowell incorporated all these elements into his design, with lateral grooves (palm trees), a color gradient on the upper (sunset) and that famous plate in the middle of the sole (whale tail).
The Nike Air Max Plus went on sale in 1998 only at Foot Locker, and was an immediate success.

Is Nike Air Max Plus a performance or lifestyle pair ?

The Nike Air Max Plus was an innovative project to create a new pair of running shoes with the best footwear technology available.
The pair has since had such a huge impact on fashion and street culture that its original purpose is often forgotten.
What's more, designer Sean McDowell is himself an accomplished runner.
The Nike Air Max Plus incorporates performance features such as flexible grooves in the forefoot, reflective details to make sure you're seen when running, and Nike's best outsole techniques with Tuned Air aka TN technology.
Last but not least, the pair is ultra-light, weighing in at less than 340 grams.

What's the difference between the Nike Air Max Plus and the Nike TN?

There is no difference. It's the same silhouette with different nicknames depending on the country and who's talking about it.
The names Nike TN, Nike Tuned, Nike Tuned 1 or Nike Air Max Tuned 1 were used mostly by Foot Locker, the product's original retailer, because of the Tuned Air technology used.
It still uses this name today.
Nike Store and other retailers more commonly call it Nike Air Max Plus.
In some countries, such as France, where it is very popular, the Nike Air Max Plus has been renamed 'Requin' by the street (which means 'Shark' in english), in homage to its aggressive look visible at first glance. 

How comfortable are the Nike Air Max?

As mentioned just above, the pair is a perfect example of a performance running pair that has become a fashion icon.
Its very light weight coupled with the Air Max Plus cushioning modules of Tuned Air technology make it a very comfortable pair.

How do the Nike Air Max Plus fit ?

The Nike Air Max Plus fit true to size, so we recommend that you choose your usual size for this model.

What is the retail price of the Nike Air Max Plus & where to buy them ?

The recommend retail price of the Nike Air Max Plus is €189.99 | £174.95 | $175. Selected limited editions may be more expensive.
Check all the releases & colorways above to find your pair online.