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adidas Originals Samba

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The adidas Originals Samba's vintage roots go back to the 1950s, when players on a German soccer team first donned a revolutionary shoe specially adapted for icy and snowy surfaces.
Offering exceptional performance on extremely slippery surfaces, the press dubbed it the 'Samba', a nickname that has stuck ever since. 
Capitalizing on this success, the Samba gradually evolved over the years, becoming more sophisticated and high-performance than ever.

Along the way, this sturdy yet functional shoe has established itself as a timeless benchmark in the fashion world.
The iconic Samba silhouette has been revisited time and again through numerous collaborations and re-editions including Wales Bonner, Pharell Williams, Ronnie Fieg (Kith), Star Wars, Johan Hill, Sporty and Rich & more.

Now an icon of streetwear, this legendary soccer boot has retained its Original heritage, both on and off the court.

Description of the Shoe

The Adidas Samba is characterized by its distinctive design and timeless appeal. The shoe features a premium leather upper, a brown rubber sole, and the iconic three stripes on the side. The 'suction' design on the gumsole, a unique feature of the Samba, was originally intended to provide better grip on icy surfaces. Today, this design element adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the shoe.

Why adidas Samba are Trendy?

The trendiness of adidas Samba can be attributed to its versatile design and timeless appeal. The shoe's ability to blend functionality with style makes it a popular choice among sports enthusiasts and fashion lovers alike. Its popularity among celebrities and influencers, coupled with its presence in pop culture, has further elevated its status as a trendy footwear.

How do adidas Samba Fit?

When it comes to fit, adidas Samba generally runs true to size. The shoe is designed to provide a comfortable fit, making it suitable for long hours of wear. Whether you're playing a game of football or hitting the streets, the Samba ensures a snug fit that doesn't compromise on comfort.

Are adidas Samba Comfortable?

Yes, adidas Samba is known for its comfort. The premium leather upper and the brown rubber sole contribute to the overall comfort of the shoe. Whether you're wearing it for sports or for casual outings, the Samba guarantees comfort at every step.
However, my personal feeling is that the leather doesn't allow your feet to breathe.

Where are adidas Sambas Made?

adidas Sambas are made in adidas' factories located in various countries around the world. The company has a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, ensuring that every pair of Samba is made to the highest standards.

Is there Fake adidas Samba?

Like any popular brand, adidas is not immune to counterfeits. There are fake adidas Samba shoes in the market that mimic the design and style of the original.
However, these fakes often lack the quality and comfort that come with the original adidas Samba.
It's always recommended to buy adidas products from authorized retailers to ensure authenticity and this is what we actually do on this website, we provide the availability of each product with an exact list of legit online shops.