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Who are we ?

Bboy (Dancer) since 1999, Charles fell in love with sneakers through his breakdancing passion.
Sneakers occupied a major position in the Hip-Hop culture : defining styles, ultimate accessory of the dancers. It became a piece of culture itself throughout time.

Charles has been a sneakers collector since 2009. Back then, social media platforms became more & more popular and so did the sneaker culture.
While this addiction was growing on him, he actually noticed a huge gap between the information available online & the reality of the sneaker releases.
Limited releases, restocks, good deals were not really highlighted at the time.

That is how, in 2013, More Sneakers was born. In 2014. Hatim joined the adventure as Managing Director and co-owner. The team is growing with the arrival of Clemence in 2020 as Head of PR.
More Sneakers gathers in one spot the best current sneakers releases & the legit places where to get them from. Bringing as much information as possible, we are here to help you to find (or discover) the shoes you are looking for.