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Asics Gel-1130

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The Origin of Asics Gel-1130

The Asics Gel-1130 is an updated version of the original GEL-1000™ series, redesigned to fit modern lifestyle trends. This style is influenced by the iconic GEL-KAYANO® 14, showcasing a blend of classic design and contemporary elements.

Are Asics Gel-1130 Comfortable and how do it fit?

The Asics Gel-1130, inspired by the GEL-1000™ series, is designed for comfort, balancing athletic features with a lifestyle-oriented design. It is likely to offer the comfort and support typical of Asics' sneakers. You might go for a true to size fitting. Wide feet might have to try them first even if the 1130 has a wider base than Kayano 14.

How to Buy & Where to Find the Asics Gel-1130?

The Asics Gel-1130 distribution is based on colorways, some can be found at sport retailers and other at sneaker retailers. It's an inline model so once you see them starting to drop you might see them dropping at other spots. Only collaborations will be at tier-zero retailers through raffle purchase.