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Is the Nike Dunk Low Panda finally available for everyone - Where to buy a pair at affordable price

Is the Nike Dunk Low Panda finally available for everyone - Where to buy a pair at affordable price
  • 24 April 2023
  • Posted By : Charly
The principle of supply and demand is far from being obsolete for the sneaker market. Has this well-known balance finally put an end to the trend on the Nike Dunk Panda for the past 2 years?
Several signs clearly point to yes.

Restocks of the Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' happening every month since 2023

If you are still wondering why the Dunk Panda became so popular, I invite you to read our previous article on this subject.
On the side of Nike, it seems that the will to flood the market with Dunk Panda has accelerated in this beginning of 2023. We had since December 2022, a monthly restock of several models of the Dunk Collection 'Black White'.
While it was until now very difficult to get a pair during the official releases and restocks, we saw for the first time this month the men's Dunk Low 'Panda' (and other variations as well) remained available several hours after its release at 9am on the Nike Store.
A first for this colorway so coveted since the return in force of the Dunk silhouette.
Things are rarely left to chance at Nike, so it is clear that the Swoosh brand has lifted the brake pedal and no longer wants to make a limited pair.
So it's not a surprise, on the contrary, everything is going as planned. The initial goal will have had a run of 2 years on the market.

A Dunk Panda finally available for everyone or at an affordable price.

A real pleasure for those who never got their hands on it until now and a nightmare for the resellers who have piled up walls of red boxes in their box.
Faced with these waves of restocks, the secondary market prices already down since 2022 have fallen further to approach the retail price of a few dozen euros or dollars.
You can now get a pair at a reasonable price on legit resale platforms like :

Remember that the Dunk Panda was close to 300€ in December 2021, which is  around 3 times its retail price.
More than 1850 sales have been made in the last 3 days on the Stockx platform alone as you read this article (Men's model) and more than 238,000 sales have been recorded in the last 12 months.
So much to say that the pair is still coveted by many sneaker enthusiasts.

A well-crafted scheme that explains the high prices then a stabilization of the market

This example shows us that sneaker brands clearly have control of secondary markets when they want it.
Controlling manufacturing and distribution with well thought-out strategy and marketing, brands are now able to launch a trend and make it last for a fairly long time.
Unfortunately, sneakers are not immune to fashion and consumer cycles and brands have known this from the beginning.
2 years after the promise of the 'Never sold out' release, the Nike Dunk Low 'Panda' finally blends into the sneaker releases and leaves the spotlight on a next trend that, we have no doubt, will take over without leaving a gap.
We can still wonder if Nike will at some point completely cut the production of Panda Dunks and let the marketplaces price take off again. We will follow this closely.

if you want to know about the next Dunk Panda restocks, follow the collection on our releases pages.
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