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The Nike Swoosh 1 - The new silhouette for baby walkers approved by the medical profession

The Nike Swoosh 1 - The new silhouette for baby walkers approved by the medical profession
  • 16 November 2023
  • Posted By : Charly
Ever-expanding its sneaker catalog, Nike recently released a brand-new silhouette dedicated to the smallest members of the family, the Nike Swoosh 1.
Always at the forefront of footwear research, development and innovation, Nike's new model is designed to help little athletes take their first steps.
This important, emotional and sometimes stressful stage in a child's life, as well as in that of his or her parents, has often been the subject of controversy, particularly when it comes to what is put on their toes.

What are the pediatric recommendations for children's and babies' sneakers?

When looking for a pair of shoes for toddlers, pediatricians first recommend an ultra-flexible sole. It should be easy to bend and twist.
The baby's foot should be able to move as much as possible, so that all the intrinsic muscles and those moving from the foot to the leg have plenty of opportunity to move, be used and strengthened.
These motor patterns can then strengthen themselves rather than relying on external support.

Another very important point is the width of the toe. Many specialists claim that sneakers are not ideal for the development of toes, as we are not able to move them properly and the shape is not always natural for everyone's feet.
Indeed, pediatricians also recommend a pair that has room for the toes to extend when the child takes a step.
The idea, once again, is to let the muscles engage and support the foot from the inside out.

The adjustable closure is also an interesting feature, as every child's foot is different and we want the shoe to fit the foot snugly.
This prevents the child from slipping or shifting as he learns his new motor pattern. We're looking for motor skills as close as possible to the barefoot experience.
We don't want children grabbing with their feet to try to keep their shoe in place.
Finally, a solid heel is often recommended. Not too stiff, but one that helps the shoe stay on the foot a little better instead of slipping.

What are the features of the Nike Swoosh 1 ?

The Nike Swoosh 1 features a seamless Flyknit upper offering 360 degrees of flexible support for the child's foot. The shoe is easily bendable in all directions, offering maximum mobility to budding walkers and mimicking the feeling of walking barefoot.
The toe box has been designed to be wide enough to leave room for the front of the foot too. Last but not least, a lightweight TPU outsole provides the grip needed for those first hesitant steps, while also ensuring the shoe's durability.

A pair validated by a professional medical organization

The Nike Swoosh 1 was a project in its own right, aimed at facilitating and solving parents' need to equip their babies for their first steps. The brand naturally studied children's needs, behavior and movements and drew inspiration from them before innovating in this dedicated research.
This new silhouette adds to Nike's know-how, which has already rolled out numerous projects of the same kind, such as the 'Flyease''Go', or 'EasyOn' sneakers.
However, Nike is now taking things a step further, as the Nike Swoosh 1 is the first Nike Kids shoe to receive the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, a professional medical organization representing doctors of podiatric medicine in the United States.
On paper, the Nike Swoosh 1 seems to tick most of the boxes recommended by the pediatric sector. To be confirmed in practice on the feet of your little ones.

Where to buy the Nike Swoosh 1 and at what price ?

The Nike Swoosh 1 has been available since November 1 at a price of €59.99/£44.95/$62 worldwide.
It was released in a first 'Siren Red Game Royal' colorway in sizes 18.5 EU to 23.5 EU (3C to 7C in US sizes).
This color was an immediate success, being sold out in Europe, the UK and the USA.
Two other colors have just been released in Europe and the UK (coming soon for the US).
Check out our dedicated page here to buy or gift a pair.