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Hanon x Diadora Intrepid 'Glorious Moments'

Hanon x Diadora Intrepid 'Glorious Moments'


Brand: Diadora

Style: Diadora Intrepid

Supplier Color: Gray Lining

Style Code: 501.180024

Release Date: 09/06/2023

Retail Price: €190

Gender: Unisex

About this product

Let's take a trip down memory lane to September 12th, 2007. Remember that epic football match when James McFadden scored the winning goal against France?
That's the spirit captured in the Hanon x Diadora Intrepid 'Glorious Moments'. This kick is all about celebrating the audacity and fearlessness of that legendary goal.

The 'Intrepid' is a retro sneaker that's been given a fresh twist for this collab. Made in Italy, it's a nod to the 80s with every detail screaming art - think soft hairy suede, premium mesh underlays, classy nappa leather, and pebbled nubuck accents. Slipping into these sneakers is like stepping onto that hallowed turf where dreams came true.

The backdrop for this masterpiece is the Hanon Shop, a sneaker paradise in Aberdeen, founded by the Toft brothers in the late '80s. Known for its minimalist aesthetic and colorful sneaker styles, Hanon has teamed up with Diadora multiple times to create sneakers that blend sports culture and top-notch craftsmanship.
So, if you're all about capturing glorious moments, the Hanon x Diadora Intrepid is your perfect match.

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