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Highsnobiety x Lacoste L003 2K24

Highsnobiety x Lacoste L003 2K24


Brand: Lacoste

Style: Lacoste L003

Supplier Color: White/Eggshell/Green

Style Code: 47SMA0142-WG1

Release Date: 02/02/2024

Retail Price: €220

Gender: Men

About this product

The Highsnobiety x Lacoste L003 2K24 sneaker collaboration marries sports heritage with modern luxury. This evolution from the L003 Neo emphasizes both fashion and athleticism, incorporating advanced sport-tech features like ballistic Nylon, padded mesh, and TPU reinforcement for performance. The design, dubbed 'Shades of Tennis', features earthy clay and vibrant grass hues, celebrating the tennis legacy with a contemporary twist. Accompanied by an apparel line, this collaboration honors Lacoste's innovative spirit, blending streetwear luxury with the iconic polo and more in a unisex, slightly oversized design. Available from February 2nd online, list is available below.

Pics via Highsnobiety

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