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adidas Originals Ozthemis

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What is the adidas Ozthemis?

The adidas Ozthemis is a bold and innovative sneaker that represents a fusion of the past and the future. It's a part of the adidas OZ family, known for its chunky and unconventional designs. The Ozthemis stands out with its multilayered, semi-melting façade, vibrant color combinations, and textured overlays.
The Ozthemis is unique for its avant-garde design, including a staggeringly strange melange of colors and materials on its sole. It features chunky tooling with a split heel, an innovative lace system, jelly pads on the heel, and a double heel pull. The design combines functionality with eye-catching aesthetics, making it a standout piece in adidas' sneaker lineup.

How does the adidas Ozthemis fit into adidas' sneaker history?

The Ozthemis continues adidas' tradition of crafting bold and futuristic sneakers. It's an evolution of the brand's Ozweego line, which gained popularity as a cult object due to Raf Simons' reinterpretations. The Ozthemis carries forward this legacy of innovation and style, blending classic elements with contemporary design.
The inspiration behind the name Ozthemis originates from Themis, the Greek goddess of fairness and divine order. This name reflects the bold and striking nature of the shoe, embodying a blend of fairness and order with its balanced yet daring design. The Ozthemis is a testament to adidas' commitment to pushing the boundaries of sneaker design.

Where can I find the adidas Ozthemis and its latest releases?

While the adidas Ozthemis has not received an official release date yet but started to drop from 1st of January 2024 so it might be a inline product. Various colorways have already leaked online.
Our website lists all legitimate online shops and aftermarket places where the Ozthemis can be purchased. We provide updated links and release times for the latest models and colorways, ensuring easy access to this unique sneaker.