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ASICS Gel Flexkee Pro

The origin of the Asics Gel Flexkee Pro

The ASICS Gel Flexkee Pro is a relatively new addition to the ASICS lineup, designed with a focus on skateboarding. This model is a result of extensive research and analysis of athletes' movements in skateboarding competitions at the ASICS Sports Engineering Laboratory, highlighting ASICS' commitment to innovation and performance in sports footwear.

Inspiration and features of the ASICS Gel Flexkee Pro

The Gel Flexkee Pro is characterized by its high functionality, especially evident in its sole design. The sole features a separated forefoot area, tailored to meet the demands of skateboarding. This design choice enhances flexibility and grip, crucial for skateboarding performance. The overall aesthetic of the shoe is modern and sleek, appealing to both athletes and casual wearers.
The construction of the Gel Flexkee Pro involves a combination of durable materials suited for skateboarding. This includes robust upper materials that can withstand the wear and tear of skateboarding, along with ASICS' signature GEL cushioning for comfort and impact absorption.

How does the Asics Gel Flexkee Pro fit?
The shoe is designed to offer a snug and supportive fit, crucial for skateboarding activities. It provides ample cushioning and support, ensuring both comfort and stability during high-impact movements.

How to buy the ASICS Gel Flexkee Pro & where to find them ?

The ASICS Gel Flexkee Pro is available through select retailers and online platforms. Some releases, especially those in collaboration with brands like OTTO 958, might be limited and available through scheduled drops or raffles, making them more exclusive.
The distribution of the Gel Flexkee Pro is selective, with availability primarily through ASICS channels and select skateboarding and sneaker stores. The focus on skateboarding functionality means it may not be as widely distributed as other ASICS models but is still accessible to those interested in skateboarding footwear.