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The Nike Dunk Low By You is still available - Everything you need to know

The Nike Dunk Low By You is still available - Everything you need to know
  • 02 May 2023
  • Posted By : Charly

What is Nike By You ?

Formerly called NikeiD, Nike has rebranded its sneaker (and other products) customization programs into Nike by You for a few years.
If you are not familiar with this kind of program, it is simply a time-limited opportunity to create your own pair of Nike by choosing the colors, materials and their application on a given silhouette.
You will of course understand that Nike scrupulously chooses and limits the colors and materials available in this kind of program. Not to make all possible colorways imaginable.
Once your ordered a pair of Nike by You, your design will be produce directly by Nike as a unique release. You will generally received your pair in only 2 or 3 weeks. (even if Nike says more)

When does the Nike Dunk Low By You started & how ?

With the comeback of the Nike Dunk Low for more than 3 years now, Nike has finally given us a successful Low-Top basketball silhouette program.
First released in January 2021, the program has now been available for over 2 years on the Nike Store.
Taken by storm by fans of the model and lovers of Nike by you, the available units sold out very quickly during the first drops.

Nike limiting the number of pairs in the form of batches, the program was sold out many times and then came back online as many times at intervals of time orchestrated by the brand.
There were also several versions of the program with a 365 version that limited the colorblocking, an Unlocked version that offers more colors and execution possibilities, then a 'normal' version that offers a more limited palette but a customization of the different elements of the figure quite advanced.
Note that the US also had the right to the N7 variant in Dunk by you, and that the High model also joined the program shortly after.

When does the Nike Dunk Low By You restock ?

Concerning the USA, the program was always sold out very quickly and restocks were quite rare. In Europe on the other hand, we had the right to numerous restocks throughout the year 2021 and 2022.
Since the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, the Nike Dunk by You is even available on a continuous basis, always exclusively on the Nike website.
Nevertheless, many colorways are now sold out or are no longer available on some elements of the Dunk Low. The colorway inspired by Travis Scott for example that we talked about is no longer available.
The UNC Blue was also available for a limited time and in very limited quantities.
A large choice of possibilities remains available. So don't hesitate to treat yourself if you haven't already done so.
Grab a pair here :

For the USA, the restocks are much less numerous and only announced a few days in advance. Follow us on twitter for a real time feed and don't miss the next ones.

Will the program last much longer?
It's hard to say. What is sure is that 2 years is long enough for a Nike customization program where in the past some programs lasted only a few hours for collaborations (we remember the AF1 x Levis collab) or a few months for more general release programs.
In case you are still hesitating, enjoy our exclusive look of a Nike Dunk Low By You inspired by the classic Chicago colorway.
Make sure to visit our Nike by You page.