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The Ultimate List of New Balance Shoes to Buy Right Now

The Ultimate List of New Balance Shoes to Buy Right Now
  • 05 April 2023
  • Posted By : Hatim
Welcome to our article dedicated to the trendiest New Balance shoes of the moment! We've curated a list of some of the hottest styles on the market right now, ranging from classic runners to new lifestyle sneakers. Each of these pairs has something unique to offer, whether it's comfort, style, or both. Let's dive into the details of each pair:

New Balance 1906

First up is the 1906, a premium lifestyle shoe that pays homage to New Balance's founding year. We've selected the 1906R in the Mindful Grey colorway and the 1906D Protection Pack, which is available online now. This pack offers a sleek design and added protection for your feet, making it the perfect choice for any sneaker enthusiast.
This is the pattern you will find everywhere : the New Balance 1906R 'Mindful Grey' online here.

Second selection of 1906 style is the Protection Pack, the demand was high the first weeks and now you can buy it easily here.

New Balance 327

Next, we have the 327, a trendy and versatile lifestyle shoe that has been gaining popularity since its release in 2020. This model has helped to bring New Balance to a wider audience and we've selected two recent colorways: the White Iridescend and the Turtledove Moonbeam.

Here you have the Iridescent around the N, simple and meticulous, buy them now here

Then you have a mix of two very used colorways by NB, Turtledove Moonbeam, available here.

New Balance 2002R

One of the most appreciated by the sneakerheads, the 2002R silhouette. A luxury running shoe that has been updated with modern materials and construction.
It's still trendy thanks to its collaborations and protection packs. We've picked the recent Protection Pack and the regular pattener in incense colorway from the corduroy pack.

Buy now the New Balance 2002R Protection Pack here. They are starting to sell out everywhere so don't miss them !

Buy now the New Balance Curduroy Pack here. You might find them under retail by now.

New Balance 530

The 530 is a classic running shoe that has been updated with modern materials and construction.
It's a versatile shoe that's great for everyday wear and has been gaining wider appreciation over the past two years.
We've picked two colorways: the classic silver with natural indigo and the White sky blue.

New Balance 530 Silver Natural Indigo available here

New Balance 530 Sky Blue available here

New Balance 550

The 550 is a new lifestyle shoe that was highly sought after when it first dropped, but now it's more available in a variety of colorways. We've picked the Turtledove and the Pink Sand colorways, which are both trendy and stylish.

New Balance 550 'Pink Sand' available here

New Balance 550 Turtledove available here

New Balance 990v3

The 990v3 is a classic running shoe that has been around since the 1980s. It's still going strong, and we've picked two colorways: the Tan Green and the Scarlet, which is on sale at selected spots online. Teddy Santis made the 990v3 after launching tons of 990 models in 2022

You can grab this Scarlet colorway on sale here

And the very appreciated Tan Green here

New Balance 9060

The 9060 is a new lifestyle shoe that's quickly becoming a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts. It features a sleek, low-cut design and has been designed to answer a lot of demand.
We've selected the Mushroom Aluminum and the Beef And Broccoli colorways.

This could have been a collaboration ! Grab now the latest colorway Mushroom Aluminum here

The New Balance 9060 Beef and Brocoli still available online here

New Balance CT302

Finally, we have the CT302, a new court shoe that's gaining popularity despite its silent release. It's a comfortable and stylish shoe that's perfect for everyday wear, and we've picked the White Vintage Teal and the Sea Salt Cobalt colorways.

The New Balance CT302 Vintage Teal is available here.

The New Balance CT302 Sea Salt is grabbable here.

In conclusion, New Balance is a brand that continues to gain popularity thanks to its high-quality shoes and original designs. Whether you're a fan of classic styles or more daring color combinations, there is a New Balance shoe that is perfect for you. The brand has truly made a name for itself in the fashion industry, and it's no wonder why. From its innovative technologies to its trendsetting collaborations, New Balance has something to offer everyone. So why not give your shoe collection a boost and try out some of the latest and greatest New Balance trainers and sneakers? You won't be disappointed!