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Nike Air Max 1 Escape 'Slate Blue'

Nike Air Max 1 Escape 'Slate Blue'


Brand: Nike

Style: Nike Air Max 1

Supplier Color: White/State Blue-Black-Soft Grey

Style Code: FJ0698-100

Release Date: 25/05/2023

Retail Price: €169.99 | £152.95 | $160

Gender: Men

About this product

Introducing the Nike Air Max 1 Escape 'Slate Blue,' a tribute to Nike's trail running legacy and a symbol of pushing boundaries. This iconic sneaker transports you back to the roots of adventure and exploration.

Originally introduced in 1984, amidst the aftermath of Mount St. Helens' eruption, the Nike Air Max 1 Escape defied convention and offered a fresh perspective. Trail runners quickly embraced its innovative design, making it a coveted choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Air Max 1 'Escape' pays homage to its trail running heritage while incorporating captivating details inspired by the Pacific Northwest. The vibrant colors are drawn from an iconic Nike running advertisement featuring the billowing caldera of Mount St. Helens in the background. An intricately embroidered forest scene on the heel adds a touch of wanderlust to your journey. The shoe's rugged suede accents, breathable textile upper, and boot-inspired laces complete the look, ensuring you're ready to embrace any adventure that comes your way.

Get ready to escape with the Nike Air Max 1 Escape 'Slate Blue,' where classic running DNA meets a spirit of exploration. Lace up, step out, and let the journey begin.

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