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New Balance 990 V3

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The New Balance 990 V3 was first introduced in 2012 to commemorate the 990's 30th anniversary. It is the third generation of the popular running silhouette and is widely regarded as the best iteration, with a total of six designs available: 990, 990v2, 990v3, 990v4, 990v5, and 990v6. Despite being harder to buy than before, the 990v3 sneaker remains a classic and is not going anywhere.

Description of the 990 V3

The shoe features a premium upper construction made of nubuck and mesh. The shoe's ENCAP midsole cushioning combines lightweight foam with a durable polyurethane rim to deliver all-day support. The shoe's pig suede/mesh construction adds to its luxurious feel.

Why are the New Balance 990 V3 trendy?

The New Balance 990 V3 has become a fashion staple and is widely accepted amongst the fashion elite. In the past, New Balance sneakers were known for their comfort-focused "dad" design and were criticized for their all-grey colorways. However, things slowly changed, and now New Balance sneakers are everywhere. The brand's growth resulted in a number of new numbered designs, such as the 550 and 650. However, the 990v3 remains a classic and is highly recommended.

Fit and Comfort

The New Balance 990 V3 is known for its comfortable fit. The shoe's ENCAP midsole cushioning provides ample support, making it an excellent choice for running or walking. The shoe is available in a range of sizes and widths, ensuring that everyone can find a comfortable fit.

Where are they made?

The New Balance 990 V3 is proudly made in the USA, and its domestic value is 70% or more.

Is there fake New Balance 990 V3?

Due to the New Balance 990 V3's popularity, there may be counterfeit versions on the market. It's essential to purchase the shoe from a reputable retailer or reseller to ensure that you're getting the authentic product. You can also check for the "Made in USA" label to confirm its authenticity. Some sneaker boutiques may still have stock, and resale sites are an option as well. Check below our legit retailers and market places for each colorways.