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adidas Originals Gazelle Bold

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History of the Shoe

The adidas Gazelle was first released in 1966, initially designed for training and later adapted for indoor sports like handball. It marked a departure from traditional athletic footwear by being one of the first to use suede, offering a lighter, more flexible upper compared to the canvas or leather options available at the time. The Gazelle gained popularity not only as a sports shoe but also within various cultural movements, notably within the hip-hop scene in Europe during the late 20th century, establishing its status as a style icon.

Place of the Bold Silhouette in the Evolution of the Gazelle Style

The Gazelle Bold is a more recent women exclusive iteration of the classic Gazelle silhouette, featuring a platform sole that gives it a bolder, more pronounced look. This variation aligns with contemporary trends for chunkier, more statement-making footwear, while still retaining the classic aesthetics and simplicity of the original Gazelle design.

Description of the Shoe and Material Used

The Gazelle Bold maintains the signature suede upper, known for its softness and flexibility, contributing to the shoe's enduring appeal. The most distinctive feature of the Bold version is its thicker, platform sole, which adds a modern twist to the classic silhouette. This combination of traditional materials with an updated design element signifies the fusion of vintage charm and contemporary fashion trends.

The Evolution of the Trend for the Bold Silhouette

Over the years, the Gazelle has seen various reinterpretations, with the Bold silhouette being a relatively recent addition that captures the ongoing trend for platform sneakers. This trend resonates with consumers seeking both the comfort and style of a sports shoe, along with a touch of boldness to make a fashion statement. The Gazelle Bold, therefore, represents both a nod to the past and a step towards the future of sneaker fashion.

Authenticity and Counterfeits

As with many popular sneaker styles, it's possible that counterfeit versions of the Gazelle Bold exist. These fakes can come from various sources worldwide, with a high prevalence in regions known for producing counterfeit goods. It's always recommended to purchase from adidas directly or authorized retailers to ensure authenticity, we provide updated list of legit online shops for you on this website. Most of the pairs are made from Vietnam.