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adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor

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What is the history of the adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor?

The adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor, a variation of the classic Gazelle introduced in 1968, debuted two years after the original. Despite its close release to the original Gazelle, the Gazelle Indoor distinguished itself as a distinct model, primarily due to its larger T-shaped toe box. This design variation, along with its shapely upper and semi-translucent sole, highlights the clean suede construction, making it a favorite among adidas fans.

What is the difference between adidas Gazelle and adidas Gazelle Indoor?

While both the adidas Gazelle and the Gazelle Indoor share a common lineage, there are distinct differences tailored to their specific uses. The Gazelle Indoor, designed for indoor activities, features a substantial gum rubber sole with a unique tread pattern that includes the original adidas Trefoil logo and circular pivot points, ideal for slick indoor surfaces. This differs from the typical Gazelle, which is more suited for general training and outdoor use. The Gazelle Indoor remains true to its 1979 form with suede uppers in classic colors and contrasting white stripes, gold foil branding, and Trefoil logos on the tongue and heel. The Gazelle Indoor's recent elevation to high fashion status through collaborations like Wales Bonner and Gucci has brought renewed attention to this variant. Despite these high-profile collaborations, adidas continues to offer the Gazelle Indoor with its original style elements at a more accessible price point.
In other words, you can wear outside the Gazelle indoor :)

Why is the adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor so popular?

The Gazelle Indoor's popularity surged in the 1970s and continued into the 1980s, especially in the UK, where it became one of adidas' most desirable offerings. Its simple yet stylish design and affordable pricing made it a hit among various cultural circles, including the hip-hop scene. The Gazelle has seen multiple comebacks, thanks to celebrity endorsements and adidas' efforts to capitalize on its enduring popularity.

How comfortable is the adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor and how is the fit?

The Gazelle Indoor is known for its comfort, owing to its lightweight, supple suede upper and cushioned sole. Its design is suitable for various indoor sports, providing a comfortable and secure fit.
It typically offers a snug fit, true to its size. Its unique traction and sole design are tailored for specific indoor activities, ensuring a firm footing and comfortable wear.

Where can I buy the adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor and find the latest releases?

The adidas Originals Gazelle Indoor is available on various online platforms, including official adidas stores. Our website lists all online shops and aftermarket places where the Gazelle Indoor can be purchased. We regularly update with release times and provide direct links to the latest releases and colorways, ensuring easy access to this classic sneaker. We remind you that our goal is to forward you to a legit shop to buy authentic pair.